How is my future?

One of Ace Fortune Teller tried to perform data analysis on his prospect customer and found 100% of people visit them when in TROUBLE.

He organized a free session and found over 100 visiting him

He asked a question

“When it is free, why all of you come?”

After a pause one person reverted

“Because one’s who provide things for free become billionaires and we wished to make you one”

The Ace Fortune teller began laughing

Other person reverted

“We can make you a billionaire by branding you as a person who predicts perfectly and you begin charging 5$ per question”

The Fortune teller looked zapped

3rd person

“Just also give a commission of 2$ per referral”

Fortune teller looked at all in mock smiled look

5th person ‘100 will bring 100 customers.. you make 300$ per day and we each make 2 per day

6th person “Automate the predictions and increase the price to 20$ per question.. each referrer gets 10$.. you make 2000 per day and referrer gets 10..  assume you get 1000 questions.. appoint some subordinates.. train them on future telling”

The fortune teller was bursting with laughter..

7th person “Also set a BPO care service center for same.. show guaranteed results.. focus on high net worth individuals.. charge 2000$ per question”

8th person ‘excellent idea.. I have HNI databases”

9th “We all will market for you.. we are your followers from today”

Fortune teller shrieks “why but you are doing such favors for me”

All echo ‘We are seeking our livelihood from all this.. please help us out.. let us remain your devotees”

At night Fortune teller shoots himself

Next day

All of them again return back to fortune teller’s house

one of them puts a big photo of fortune teller and bursts crying

“He is such a gem of person.. transferred all his knowledge to me for last whole 2 months”

All rush to him and echoe “please make us your followers”

Love Junction

Love Junction has many tracks

You can continue on your same track

You can change over the track

You can pause and wait for a while

You can invite new species in your life

You can exit old species out of your life

Love Junction allows you to reverse and seek other direction too

Life is such that if you continue on same path, you get bored and if you change track, you pep up for a while and again get bored and what is exciting is only those junctions..

So do celebrate your birthday as Love Junction Day and enjoy the changeover or makeover.

Entrepreneurship is about continuing on same path only till time results are positive. In case negative forces supersede just pause for a while and remember you are now in LOVE JUNCTION

John baba never asks for LOVE in LOVE JUNCTION. He only enjoys the fun as he is the aging investor from Silicon Valley who decided to create these junctions every 20 miles for folks to retrospect self and enjoy the moments.


Jenny brings a doll at home as she feels lucky charms would come to her and she decides to keep that for 1 month at her home. Reasons: She is informed by the magician that the doll needs to be immersed in water after 1 month.

She is 25 years, newly wed bride of Rob who is most of time drunk

Religiously she takes care of doll. All her family members get attached to it..

On 30th day.. she immerses the doll in water..

Jenny gets a call

Rob ‘good news for you.. you have got a new designation and around 10000$ increment’

Jenny jumps with joy..

Jenny ‘Sam.. i told you that doll will bring luck…’

Sam ‘it is good to see a belief becoming trust’

Jenny is now 40 and she has many ups and downs in between in her life

Jenny gets the doll again.. and she finds many in her vicinity have begun believing in doll and practicing it as ritual.

Looking at this practice, the country embassy decides to ban this tradition

Jenny ‘this is ridiculous as so many believe this’

Jenny calls her friend in India ‘Saurabh

Saurabh laughs and says ‘do you really feel the doll brings luck?’

Jenny ‘yes’

Saurabh ‘I too believe that our god brings intelligence, wealth and power to not only me but entire family and world..  we too have somewhat a similar tradition but do you know what.. we play loud music, have it more as festive season and then at end…’

Jenny ‘what’

Saurabh ‘i will share a picture’

Jenny is shocked

Saurabh ‘so many idols all thrown, broken.. very sad feeling you get.. We immerse something with a hope that something positive comes out of that…  we at times even don’t cross road if a cat crosses.. and then…’

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘my pet cat was crossing the road.. a car moved back.. and ‘

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘it hit me.. and I had a bad leg injury.. almost gone.. just recovered from hospital’

Jenny ‘who did that’

Saurabh ‘my own wife..’

Jenny ‘this is crazy’

Saurabh ‘we need to realize that all such rituals only indicate that we need to adjust with new events, new entities in our life and also love them and when they leave you.. realize life is definite, love is infinite so keep loving all around you including that cat whom you feel will harm you but in reality you end up harming self.. ‘

Jenny ‘what next?’

Saurabh ‘am making a website on SUPER BELIEFS where each person gets an opportunity to pen a story which makes any one believe that super natural does exist and there will be a forum discussing on scientific theories around that.. In case no one arrives at scientific theory.. it means there is some power above all of us which governs us for what we do.. In case some scientific theory arrives.. it improves our knowledge in science’

Jenny ‘wow.. great idea’

Saurabh ‘catch you later’.. he closes the skype and watches the red color all over the sand near the sea shore’


Fuel for love is care

Fuel for hunger is food

Fuel for joy is fun

Fuel for learning is education

In each aspect of life a catalyst needed.

Ram started a venture Catalyst to connect the dots. He had one burning issue in life

“Why do connecting dots become so complex?”

His wife Sarah is a psychologist.. and she keeps informing him ‘sometimes as human we put tough barriers around us. We know the dots but intentionally avoid filling it”

Ram ‘i connected so many individuals through my social group but yet to find one who can fuel a mass revolution’

Sarah ‘leaders never ask followers to follow them, the followers are volunteers supporting the cause”

Ram “Yes I saw the tweets trending on our leader visiting Silicon Valley.. what next? will there be miracle?’

Sarah “Startups are like baby.. 9 month journey.. all outcomes need minimum 9 months. So any fuel which ignites too soon will always perish”

Ram just gets a call on phone..

Sarah ‘I know you are seeing your subordinate Nancy..hope you don’t self destroy in those distractions as Distractions fuel Failures”

Ram’s face falls down

Sarah “being composed in adversity is hall mark of true leader.. am attempting.  ” She has drop of tears in her eyes

Ram ‘Am sorry”

Sarah ‘being guilty is easy, confessing them difficult and taking decisions the toughest”

Revive Boating

Rose decides to visit a small town in Jammu for her research. She finds that many youth unemployed and as the area is under dispute, finds sources of livelihood too missing.

As she googles the net, she finds a scheme which would attract employment opportunities for them.

Rose ‘I feel entrepreneurship is a way out. If even 20 from this location get start up funds, they will generate employment for 20 other’

Rafiq ‘many schemes come and go..  unless an unnamed messiah doesn’t come with innovative idea all such funds go for toss’

Rose ‘what is your location expectations?’

Rafiq ‘livelihood and peace’

Rose ‘I strongly feel you folks can do well in service industry’

Rafiq ‘who will guide us?’

Rose ‘I will introduce you to a friend of mine who may give an insight to boating industry… let us take on from there

Rafiq ‘excellent idea … who gives us ideas?’

Rose ‘sometimes reading some good blogs help.. ‘

Rose ‘a boat floats in water.. and gives pleasure to many..  historically all loved your region for the heavenly nature.. so why not make use of your skill sets’

Rafiq ‘I will introduce you to our CM if possible and thanks for bringing a new dimension of opportunity. Else so many schemes, so many curriculum.  Do you feel our country can resolve unemployment opportunities just by skill development?

Rose ‘Interesting question’

Rafiq ‘waiting for some unknown messiah to give solutions to our problems’

My beloved baby

Sam sends an e-letter to his beloved Julie

My beloved baby

if you ever feel have been neglecting you, realize am working hard for some positive things to come in your life..

you know as startup founder the perils around those..

Julie responds

My beloved boy

if you ever feel am neglecting you, don’t take it to heart.. am sure 2 hours of your day time can be given only to me.. so don’t worry about me and take care of your startup baby..  whenever you give me that time, we can discuss else we need to split and in case I find any other beloved boy.. no hard feelings OK’

Success Toast

Success Toast is raised by handful and celebrated by many

what makes the toast is roasted employees put in sweat liquid and the taste would be bitter

and can the founder gulp that toast with happiness?

How many would agree that each employee in organization contributes to organization success

and retorts the most hardworking individual with a poker face… Is it so? how can that lazy bum contribute too

Pat comes a reply..

“Because that bum is lazy, hence you work hard. had the bum been active, you would have become lethargic so thank all who are lazy around you as that makes you look a better performer then others.. now relax.. put your sweat in this glass and i will drink that dear.. as you have contributed to my company’s success’