James ‘You need to graduate from this accelerator hopefully, successfully. I will be proud of you guys’

Samuel ‘Sir what happens if we get rejected by investors’

James ‘start over all over again ‘

Nancy ‘what the heck is Cohort’

James ‘all of you are in a group.. a group is a cohort’

Nancy ‘but is it not more from some ancient group talk’

James ‘right it was an ancient military unit roman folks if you know’

Nancy ‘Oh I see hence we need to be disciplined and work for our pitch sessions in accelerators’

James suddenly see’s Nancy fainting

All group members come near her

Nancy is dead before all

James ‘what a turn’

All are shocked

James ‘hey.. how this happened’

All help her body move out of the accelerator program and then ensure it reaches her family

James returns back next day to the class

All budding entrepreneurs look shell shocked

James ‘do you know she was in last stages of cancer but wishing to do something.. She wanted to form a startup where all the individuals who knew their end is coming would pick wish list cause and participate in that mission’

James ‘no wonder Cohort is also grouping for common cause.. I have to take her mission ahead’

May all stand for 2 minutes and pray for her soul.

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