Good Morning Itch – how are you?

Jerry has a home product made which suppresses skin itch. He is not sure how to sell so one day

Jerry ‘I want to take close up of red wounds of that lady’

Jerry’s wife ‘are you nuts’

Jerry rushes to the lady

‘Mam.. you look so great.. but this redness all over.. I suggest use this cream for free.. try it’

Lady is not amused but takes the cream..

2 days latter

Lady Raima ‘hey.. cool.. the cream rocks’

Jerry ‘selfie please of you and your redness and cream’

Jerry posts the same in facebook

“All who wish to cure their itch, subscribe right away.. to SCOBONOBO treatment’

Jerry’ wife ‘goodness very good response

Jerry ‘60% of human or animal have some or the other itch., hence studied dermis thoroughly ‘

Wife Tricey ‘why you decided to make this product’

Jerry ‘dear Tricey common I got tired of giving you needle and combs and what not for you to suppress your itch and then began making this product. ‘

Wife Tricey ‘ok I too will apply’

Jerry ‘it will not work for you’

Tricey ‘why?

Jerry ‘it works for mild itch only.. but am making a very strong ointment soon’

4 months latter Jerry opens an ‘ITCH CURE CENTER’

It gets huge response…

Tricey ‘never knew my itch would make us earn money too’

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