Futile Search

Search with no results obtained is futile search

How do you explain of an individual who keeps searching for what that person wishes to be and finally realizes that the only thing which he enjoys is ‘being in pub’

One day Rob meets Psychologist Jane in pub

Jane ‘Rob.. are you working?’

Rob ‘No’

Jane ‘I am asking the pub owner to give you a job of bar tender’

Rob ‘why.. ‘ and burst laughing

Jane ‘no kidding.. 10$ per hour plus 5 bottles of liquor per week .. not a bad deal’

Rob ponders and reluctantly agrees

As she leaves the door

Rob holds her hand and looks at her eyes and asks ‘Why?’

Jane ‘I am experimenting out with few samples in US.  Identifying folks who are god for nothing and lost out and exploring if they can get employment. If this mission clicks.. my hypothesis ‘FUTILE SEARCH NEEDS MENTORS FOR RESULTS’ could be tested

Jane ‘I have arrived at conclusions that the person who likes something the most, will perform well if that item is close by’

3 months latter

Rob is happily serving individuals in bar

Jane ‘so how are you?’

Rob ‘good.. reduced liquor consumption, enjoying my work.. the thrill to serve different type of wines makes this enjoyable experience. ‘

Jane ‘right.. so once my sample studies completed, I am going to formulate a policy to have all register individual strong likings and dislikings voluntarily in a website’

Rob ‘Cool.. I have saved some bucks.. Can I be your partner’

Jane ‘not now.. but I liked your spirit.. Can you help this girl out.. she is very much attracted to making all type of glass molds’

Rob ‘who is she’

Jane ‘Annet.. a drug addict.. but has penchant for glass making’

Rob ‘got you… ok sure.. will invest in her venture.. and can I meet her’

Jane ‘there she is’

Rob observes a fully hooked Annet smoking and lost in her own word..

Rob visits her desk and takes out different type of wine glasses and keeps it around her..

Annet opens her eyes and begins feeling all the glasses

Rob ‘would you wish to make new ones’

Annet in dazed state ‘sure’ and falls asleep

Rob ‘Jane you are strange.. why you threw her on me’

Jane ‘she is searching for something with no results.. I am giving her a mentor in form of you.. and as you love liquor and she loves glasses hence felt your chemistry will work’

Rob burst out laughing

Rob ‘indeed you are an expert.. ‘

3 days latter

Jane finds Rob and Annet shopping together trying to search for mold designs..

Jane smiles and looks upward and says ‘in this world millions are trying to search something or other.. Am just a scientist connecting dots.. hope my mission is successful’

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