Revive Boating

Rose decides to visit a small town in Jammu for her research. She finds that many youth unemployed and as the area is under dispute, finds sources of livelihood too missing.

As she googles the net, she finds a scheme which would attract employment opportunities for them.

Rose ‘I feel entrepreneurship is a way out. If even 20 from this location get start up funds, they will generate employment for 20 other’

Rafiq ‘many schemes come and go..  unless an unnamed messiah doesn’t come with innovative idea all such funds go for toss’

Rose ‘what is your location expectations?’

Rafiq ‘livelihood and peace’

Rose ‘I strongly feel you folks can do well in service industry’

Rafiq ‘who will guide us?’

Rose ‘I will introduce you to a friend of mine who may give an insight to boating industry… let us take on from there

Rafiq ‘excellent idea … who gives us ideas?’

Rose ‘sometimes reading some good blogs help.. ‘

Rose ‘a boat floats in water.. and gives pleasure to many..  historically all loved your region for the heavenly nature.. so why not make use of your skill sets’

Rafiq ‘I will introduce you to our CM if possible and thanks for bringing a new dimension of opportunity. Else so many schemes, so many curriculum.  Do you feel our country can resolve unemployment opportunities just by skill development?

Rose ‘Interesting question’

Rafiq ‘waiting for some unknown messiah to give solutions to our problems’

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