Love Junction

Love Junction has many tracks

You can continue on your same track

You can change over the track

You can pause and wait for a while

You can invite new species in your life

You can exit old species out of your life

Love Junction allows you to reverse and seek other direction too

Life is such that if you continue on same path, you get bored and if you change track, you pep up for a while and again get bored and what is exciting is only those junctions..

So do celebrate your birthday as Love Junction Day and enjoy the changeover or makeover.

Entrepreneurship is about continuing on same path only till time results are positive. In case negative forces supersede just pause for a while and remember you are now in LOVE JUNCTION

John baba never asks for LOVE in LOVE JUNCTION. He only enjoys the fun as he is the aging investor from Silicon Valley who decided to create these junctions every 20 miles for folks to retrospect self and enjoy the moments.

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