How is my future?

One of Ace Fortune Teller tried to perform data analysis on his prospect customer and found 100% of people visit them when in TROUBLE.

He organized a free session and found over 100 visiting him

He asked a question

“When it is free, why all of you come?”

After a pause one person reverted

“Because one’s who provide things for free become billionaires and we wished to make you one”

The Ace Fortune teller began laughing

Other person reverted

“We can make you a billionaire by branding you as a person who predicts perfectly and you begin charging 5$ per question”

The Fortune teller looked zapped

3rd person

“Just also give a commission of 2$ per referral”

Fortune teller looked at all in mock smiled look

5th person ‘100 will bring 100 customers.. you make 300$ per day and we each make 2 per day

6th person “Automate the predictions and increase the price to 20$ per question.. each referrer gets 10$.. you make 2000 per day and referrer gets 10..  assume you get 1000 questions.. appoint some subordinates.. train them on future telling”

The fortune teller was bursting with laughter..

7th person “Also set a BPO care service center for same.. show guaranteed results.. focus on high net worth individuals.. charge 2000$ per question”

8th person ‘excellent idea.. I have HNI databases”

9th “We all will market for you.. we are your followers from today”

Fortune teller shrieks “why but you are doing such favors for me”

All echo ‘We are seeking our livelihood from all this.. please help us out.. let us remain your devotees”

At night Fortune teller shoots himself

Next day

All of them again return back to fortune teller’s house

one of them puts a big photo of fortune teller and bursts crying

“He is such a gem of person.. transferred all his knowledge to me for last whole 2 months”

All rush to him and echoe “please make us your followers”

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