Valuation only by returns
Valuation only by results
If people did something unique, call clapped hands
If people failed in that, all clasped hands
The ones who valued you, chickened out

Valuation is a perception
which is as simple as if you make 10% profit of 100,it means you are bound to get 100, if you sustain that 10% profit or grow the profit for atleast 5 years.

If each click you got is valued 1$, 5000 clicks, means only 5000$ worth.. but if those 5000 individuals referred 20 individual each, it means 100000 clicks.. means 100000 $ value…
So either you show huge impact or show profit.. Investors are not interested in stories as they are answerable to someone.. hence before you reach out to investors, ensure you are already successful and only if you feel investors may be needed. go out and meet them.

You are not needed from tomorrow

Joe ‘you are not needed from tomorrow’

Sandra ‘thanks for this news.. I was having 3 months notice period if I had resigned so you made my life easy’

Joe ‘wow.. planned exit.. I thought you would get shocked with pink slip’

Sandra ‘relax.. am starting a venture.. you too start.. do not waste times in companies who are moving to mediocre results and stagnation’

When God Meets Man

God ‘I am the doer. you are the thinker’

Man ‘Incorrect. you are the thinker, I am the doer’

God smiles..

God ‘dear.. you are the thinker and also a doer. The soul in you thinks and the heart and mind implement those thoughts’

Man smiles

Man ‘if I stole heart of many and curbed minds of many, will I not curb the soul to stop thinking”

God “even here.. your soul is thinking of this stupid thought… unless a human doesn’t think and act on one’s dream, no innovation and no creation can happen.”

Man “does it mean even to have a new baby.. we need to think?”

God “please probe and think of the birth process. the 9 months pain.. and then the happiness. Thinking and Action both continue to play a role for parents during this journey”

Man “and then…”

God ‘Baby is owned, nurtured and taken care of till…’

Man “till…”

God “These days babies disown their parents or vice versa and if it is for a good cause it is fine else…’

Man “The loss is ours”

God “You got it correct… A Mission to procreate with collaborators and making each one a success is a complex activity. It needs thinkers, doers to ignite PASSION in all. PASSION gives a mix feeling of pain and pleasure to procreate something and all who wish to discover and create something successfully need to realize a baby needs not parents alone but the doctor, nurses, maids or any help to come out as a living object. It needs at least 4 to exit back to GOD.. so just begin working together. Leave the rest to Universe”

Man wakes up from Dream.. and finds himself all alone starring at sky which has a rising sun throwing rays of light heralding

“For new beginning, we need to change ourselves”

“Vision and Mission is all about Thinking and Doing”


“I think of building entrepreneurs so I create multiple tools to support them. I think of costs involved to set a startup, so I create a lean philosophy to build a venture. I think of many incubators and accelerators who cannot really predict success of failure of startups, so I help startups in traction phase and also mentor entrepreneurs. I think of MAKE IN ALL COUNTRIES, QUALITY IN ALL COUNTRIES, hence I have built a framework to benefit millions”


love is an abstract thought which can only be felt and never touched. so in case you feel love stop worrying to be touched as pure love can only be felt and experienced and never could be held in hands. so stop winning your beloved with tangible objects and bring in that intangible feeling of being inside someone’s heart soon.

Happy go Lucky – Minimum Viable Product or Service

Joy felt his business will be happy if he decided to introduce a new service ‘Happy Go Lucky’ in his service portfolio.

He entrusted this to his faithful secretary Lily

Lily ‘you wish to test your assumption at no cost?’

Joy ‘you are my employee, so cost is involved.. but am not wasting much money on this’

Lily ‘what is it?’

Joy ‘figure it yourself’

Lily decides to introduce a policy ‘all who are able to solve some organization pain point in lowest possible cost.. respond at earliest’

Joy finds a big list of staff applying with ideas and budget..

Lily ‘why is it coined Happy Go Lucky?’

Joy ‘am converting a few of my selected staff to become entrepreneur; cannot afford their CTC any longer.. Hope you got the meaning of Happy Go Lucky?’

Lily ‘but what if they make billions of nothing?’

Joy ‘precisely.. we need to cultivate a habit of identifying solutions at affordable price and having huge society or business impact. Minimum Viable Product or Service is all part of Lean Startup Philosophy’

Lily ‘can I ask a silly question?’

Joy ‘of course’

Lily ‘did you also follow this philosophy?’

Joy ‘of course.. I ensured the goodies tasted well and I made some money out of it and only then planned to get investments’

Lily ‘what is this project all about?’

Joy ‘build innovation labs in organization.. reward your staff with small equities and make them entrepreneurs’

Mischievous teacher

“Why did he do this way?” Principal Xeroxy questioned Canony

Canony ‘because he got bored with the same syllabus’
Xeroxy ‘we all have routine jobs.. so why he did so’
Canony ‘because he didn’t like students getting bored in class’
Xeroxy ‘why would students get bored in class’
Canony ‘same stuff again and again’
they are interupted by peom Philip
Philip ‘sir.. we found him heads down legs up position in garden’
all rush to garden..
Joseph is meditating peacefully
Xeroxy ‘why you left the class in between’
Joseph ‘because all had gone to sleep while i was teaching’
Xeroxy ‘utter nonsense.. you mean to say you are bad teacher?’
Joseph ‘all of us..hence ran away from class’
Xeroxy ‘where?’
Joseph ‘she too fled.. 12th Maths teacher’
Xeroxy ‘why?’
Joseph ‘common.. education is not teaching step by step.. education is giving guidance and rest needs to be understood… don’t you understand if a guy and girl bunk class together. why they do so?’
Xeroxy ‘it is crazy.. indisciplined teachers’
Joseph ‘chill pill..we were discussing honey venture and bee talks in progress’
Xeroxy ‘are you serious?’
Joseph ‘honey love our honey product should get launched soon’
Xeroxy ‘Jesus.. i was thinking so many things’
Joseph ‘Empty mind devil’s workshop.. it is weekend.. chill pill’