Sam Sung Max

Sam ‘I keep singing but never had chance to use my full pitch’

Max ‘I keep my singing talents to micro units like Loo or Remote locations where no one hears me’

Sam ‘this is a global problem.. some harp that their talent is not fully exploited and some like you are shy to exhibit your talents so no one recognizes you’

Nok ‘dear i had a girl friend Kia but she ditched me and I was almost a hen pecked wife of a leading industrialist and finally i am lost.. no identity of mine left..’

Sam ‘hope all decide to be assertive and enrich their features to be competitive’

Max ‘all want free bees. they will like my song if I sing for free’

Nok ‘that is the problem.. my industrialist husband feels I am a costly item, hence doesn’t wish me to mingle with all.. ‘

Max ‘so sad dear… all communications end with a disconnect in this world’

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