Life of a Fresher

Fresher ‘Sir I want job at any cost’


Fresher ‘No Sir.. I am an Engineer’

HR ‘I too am an Agriculture Scientist.. but I could not find a MNC so took up this job’

Fresher ‘what to do Sir?’

HR ‘take it up.. some day Government will find solutions to this’

Fresher ‘But I spent huge amount for education’

HR ‘me too.. I visited many countries to study plants, crops but found we cannot import those as it needs to be declared at airport so i decided to heal humans rather then crop’

Fresher ‘should I really take up?’

HR ‘you stupid fool.. didn’t you realize I made a mess of my career by not being patient.. do you wish to land into mess self?’

Fresher ‘thanks Sir for your advice’

HR ‘these are unofficial advises.. don’t quote me out.. run away.. these jobs are good for immediate livelihood and in case you wish to still do BPO, do upgrade your skills and shape your career better. BPO is not a bad industry however it does have health hazards in long run,.. not sure how many will agree’

Fresher has disappeared till then

HR smiles ‘good I save this distinction holder from a routine job.’

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