Killing Creativity

Jose is a great musician. His wife Sarah feels he can do well hence fends for the family till one day..

Sarah ‘have a bad news.. I am out of job’

Jose ‘relax dear… I will have money through bands”

Sarah ‘but hardly you will get 150 for an evening band’

Jose reaches central park with his band…

Jose sings a song…

Killing self.. it is only me..

the sucks of the work

the mucks of the work

Killing self.. it is only me…

Why did I stop?…

Why did I stop?

the sense in me..

Why did i stop

the creativity

in me too bring in


the sucks and mucks

the hue and cry

Kick your self

to ask self..

Why did you kill self

to be in mundane

job all this while…

Listening to his music, his wife hugs and smiles..

Sarah ‘sometimes we are bottled up so much that we forget that we have more potential then what others imagined or self imagined hence all should attempt at least once to something different’

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