History will repeat itself

Ram is a great believer of life cycles. he feels history would repeat itself.

John an Ace Economist seconds him in the conference..

John “if I had my way, I would have just allowed barter system to be implemented.. It optimizes costs well’

Anne the CFO of Multinational disagrees

Anne ‘Who will do the valuation?”

John ‘It is between two individuals, two parties”

Anne “Yes may be an operational level agreement signed between two parties”

Ram “Anne.. relax.. when two individuals trust each other or their intention is right to work together, cofounding becomes easier..  Cofounding concept is all about bartering one’s skillsets to get a meaningful product or service model around it’

Derik the organizer suddenly gets cramps in his heart..

All rush to him and before anyone realizes Derik is dead

His wife Susan who is co-organizer bursts out in tears

“He loved networking and he wished to re-introduce BARTER system back in Startup business.. reasons he felt many entrepreneurs get stuck up to get right resources in board.., she is in tears’

The conference ends abruptly

At home Ram informs his wife Sita about this incident..

Sita ‘Had it not been for your team (brothers and your best fan), I doubt you could have initiated a successful venture.

Ram ‘yes.. hence I have asked them to evolve themselves independently.. life cycles repeat always.. good old barter days will come back for sure’

Sita ‘but am worried.. hope it doesn’t create more noise then peace’

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