Ron is a project Manager in a multinational company.
Nancy is working as project manager too but in different business unit
Every day Nancy bumps onto Ron during lunch hour.. and slowly a mere smile shapes to eating lunch together
Nancy ‘hey you never observe me minutely’
Ron ‘the mess in the projects here.. ok let me look at you’
Ron observes her wrinkles
Ron ‘hey noticed a few wrinkles’
Nancy ‘common how unromantic you could be’
Ron ‘i actually find your smile attractive’
Nancy blushes..
Nancy ‘when i was young.. i was rocking’
Next day.. at lunch time
Ron ‘do you know what a project manager needs to do?’
Nancy ‘never overlook anything’
Ron ‘absolutely right.. I never bothered to see your work as felt it was not connected with my BU and now.. in this integrated teaming bit, realize I made a mistake.. ‘
Nancy ‘chill pill.. no office talks during lunch’
Ron ‘somehow we need to mitigate risk’
Nancy ‘of what’
Ron ‘i had thought of proposing you for a two week trip exclusive with me to Mauritius’
Ron ‘now what happens to the project scope you are leading?’
Nancy looks shocked
Nancy ‘why you taking me?’
Ron ‘are project managers not supposed to love?’
Nancy ‘common this is never written in project management book of knowledge’
Ron ‘am serious.. i love you.. so you need to exit and be with me soon’
Nancy ‘why should i leave a job?’
Ron ‘because you need to be with me.. it is a 2 year project at Mauritius.. there is no suitable work for you there.. but please be with me’
Nancy ‘ok let me think over it’
3 days latter
Nancy ‘fine.. am ok for Mauritius but do not overlook me once i am with you’
Nancy ‘lady needs attention and then love and respect.. ignoring a lady and her need is disrespect’
Ron ‘Nancy.. sure will take care of it’
1 month latter
Nancy ‘Ron..wake up.. the project meeting is at 10.. you are still not ready’
Ron sleepily ‘created a position for you.. am sleeping.. please manage the project.. have to start my own initiative soon’
Nancy kisses’ Ron’s ear and whispers ‘men are always boys the moment a lady gives them a chance to act like boy’

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