Mischievous teacher

“Why did he do this way?” Principal Xeroxy questioned Canony

Canony ‘because he got bored with the same syllabus’
Xeroxy ‘we all have routine jobs.. so why he did so’
Canony ‘because he didn’t like students getting bored in class’
Xeroxy ‘why would students get bored in class’
Canony ‘same stuff again and again’
they are interupted by peom Philip
Philip ‘sir.. we found him heads down legs up position in garden’
all rush to garden..
Joseph is meditating peacefully
Xeroxy ‘why you left the class in between’
Joseph ‘because all had gone to sleep while i was teaching’
Xeroxy ‘utter nonsense.. you mean to say you are bad teacher?’
Joseph ‘all of us..hence ran away from class’
Xeroxy ‘where?’
Joseph ‘she too fled.. 12th Maths teacher’
Xeroxy ‘why?’
Joseph ‘common.. education is not teaching step by step.. education is giving guidance and rest needs to be understood… don’t you understand if a guy and girl bunk class together. why they do so?’
Xeroxy ‘it is crazy.. indisciplined teachers’
Joseph ‘chill pill..we were discussing honey venture and bee talks in progress’
Xeroxy ‘are you serious?’
Joseph ‘honey love our honey product should get launched soon’
Xeroxy ‘Jesus.. i was thinking so many things’
Joseph ‘Empty mind devil’s workshop.. it is weekend.. chill pill’

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