Happy go Lucky – Minimum Viable Product or Service

Joy felt his business will be happy if he decided to introduce a new service ‘Happy Go Lucky’ in his service portfolio.

He entrusted this to his faithful secretary Lily

Lily ‘you wish to test your assumption at no cost?’

Joy ‘you are my employee, so cost is involved.. but am not wasting much money on this’

Lily ‘what is it?’

Joy ‘figure it yourself’

Lily decides to introduce a policy ‘all who are able to solve some organization pain point in lowest possible cost.. respond at earliest’

Joy finds a big list of staff applying with ideas and budget..

Lily ‘why is it coined Happy Go Lucky?’

Joy ‘am converting a few of my selected staff to become entrepreneur; cannot afford their CTC any longer.. Hope you got the meaning of Happy Go Lucky?’

Lily ‘but what if they make billions of nothing?’

Joy ‘precisely.. we need to cultivate a habit of identifying solutions at affordable price and having huge society or business impact. Minimum Viable Product or Service is all part of Lean Startup Philosophy’

Lily ‘can I ask a silly question?’

Joy ‘of course’

Lily ‘did you also follow this philosophy?’

Joy ‘of course.. I ensured the goodies tasted well and I made some money out of it and only then planned to get investments’

Lily ‘what is this project all about?’

Joy ‘build innovation labs in organization.. reward your staff with small equities and make them entrepreneurs’

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