When God Meets Man

God ‘I am the doer. you are the thinker’

Man ‘Incorrect. you are the thinker, I am the doer’

God smiles..

God ‘dear.. you are the thinker and also a doer. The soul in you thinks and the heart and mind implement those thoughts’

Man smiles

Man ‘if I stole heart of many and curbed minds of many, will I not curb the soul to stop thinking”

God “even here.. your soul is thinking of this stupid thought… unless a human doesn’t think and act on one’s dream, no innovation and no creation can happen.”

Man “does it mean even to have a new baby.. we need to think?”

God “please probe and think of the birth process. the 9 months pain.. and then the happiness. Thinking and Action both continue to play a role for parents during this journey”

Man “and then…”

God ‘Baby is owned, nurtured and taken care of till…’

Man “till…”

God “These days babies disown their parents or vice versa and if it is for a good cause it is fine else…’

Man “The loss is ours”

God “You got it correct… A Mission to procreate with collaborators and making each one a success is a complex activity. It needs thinkers, doers to ignite PASSION in all. PASSION gives a mix feeling of pain and pleasure to procreate something and all who wish to discover and create something successfully need to realize a baby needs not parents alone but the doctor, nurses, maids or any help to come out as a living object. It needs at least 4 to exit back to GOD.. so just begin working together. Leave the rest to Universe”

Man wakes up from Dream.. and finds himself all alone starring at sky which has a rising sun throwing rays of light heralding

“For new beginning, we need to change ourselves”

“Vision and Mission is all about Thinking and Doing”


“I think of building entrepreneurs so I create multiple tools to support them. I think of costs involved to set a startup, so I create a lean philosophy to build a venture. I think of many incubators and accelerators who cannot really predict success of failure of startups, so I help startups in traction phase and also mentor entrepreneurs. I think of MAKE IN ALL COUNTRIES, QUALITY IN ALL COUNTRIES, hence I have built a framework to benefit millions”

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