Jumbled up

Mary ‘should she be chucked out.. or should she be retained’

Rob ‘we should let her go.. Bad performance’

Mary ‘but she has good attitude’

Nancy ‘I think give her a chance’

Rob ‘let her go’

After the serious discussions on resource planning, the team decides to have quite dinner in NY Manhatten restaurent.

Rob ‘hey.. she is with the lead who happens to work with our competitor’

Nancy ‘i guess, he is giving her an offer’

Mary ‘She is a critical resource, no backups for her’

Next day

Susan submits her resignation..

Mary the lead ‘why.. am just about working on your compensation with HR’

Susan ‘made my decision.. am getting married to Joe.. I met him at dinner yesterday and we decided to take our relation to next level’

Mary rushes to Rob, HR Manager

Mary ‘I told you to retain her.. she is gone’

Rob ‘you should be knowing what she does, manage till we get new resource’

Mary ‘common.. do you know at which level I am’

2 days later

Nancy ‘Mary.. why you cannot handle her job.. Am CEO and need to take decisions’

Mary ‘Am submitting my resignation today’

Nancy ‘what?’

Mary ‘am fedup of all this. you never give appraisals in time and if am supposed to do everything.. why should I do it for all. Am starting my own venture’

Nancy looks at Mary

Nancy ‘Rob look what she is saying.. let her submit her paper.. Check for some outsourcing contractors’

Rob ‘but they come at high rates’

Nancy ‘we need to get work done.. can you supervise the department till we identify someone’

Rob ‘what?’

Nancy ‘just checking your profile.. you have similar experience but transitioned to HR.. so’

2 days later Rob submits resignation

5 days later Nancy is looking happy..

Nancy ‘i managed to wipe an entire non productive department in 5 days’

Jose the CEO of another company ‘how?’

Nancy ‘Susan’s professor know me and he was mentioning she is most of time engrossed in her fiance issues during evening classes. I monitored them from remote and realized no one works in that department.. so convinced her professor to marry her off with her fiance and then you know the rest..’





Who am I?

Who am I?

Am I the mediocre, day-to-day employee who gets to the mundane stuff of saying ‘yes sir, ok sir, thanks madam, best of lucks mam, ok sir, sorry madam’

or Am I the carefree happy go lucky guy, who doesn’t mind voicing opinion, expressing everything which comes in mind, creative, not caught in process of organization boundaries’

Sam always wonders this..

One day he visits an old buddhist temple and see’s lord Buddha peacefully meditating..

He decides to imitate the idol and as he sits, he begins getting visualizations of a King who is cheerful, helpful and his Queen is the stern looking disciplined epitome of ruler.

He opens his eyes and realizes his wife Jenny seems similar like Queen

Sam rushes to Church and as he see’s lord Jesus he realizes mercy is all about removing the negative energies from one’s life.

He realizes his wife used to hammer him with

‘You are good for nothing.. hence you never progress in your company’

As he is passing by, he hears Lord Allah’s Prayers near the Mosque.

He observes a pin drop silence around the Mosque.. and he realizes that whenever there is a conflict in house, it is better to have peace..and think of what can be done to resolve it’

Sam drives and reaches an aquarium and feels fishes caught together begin getting bored of each other.. they need space..

At night time

Sam ‘i guess let us seperate for few months’

Jenny ‘common.. who will take care of you?’

Sam ‘God.. I am resigning from my job too’

Jenny ‘lord bless you’

Sam moves out to India, and at Budh Gaya temple he identifies a huge rush and clamor to see Lord Buddha.

Sam ‘Is this peace? Not sure..? I always wondered Who Am I? Same quest Lord Buddha too had.. but when he realizes, he was at peace and for me, I feel am not seeking peace.. I am more a person who loves to be in crowd’

Sam starts a small business of photography and film making.

He releases his banner ‘TAKE 1 ACTOR’

Soon he see’s a big rush to his studio which is on rent. As he is a foreigner, hence the rush to see him. be with him’

Sam ‘this is madness. .Just because of color.. someone goes crazy here. and then why they fight between themselves’

Sam is penning it down.. when Maya the rent owner see’s his diary

Maya smiles and says

‘INDIA is secular country.. we at times love people passionately and at times hate the same people we love with more passion.. We are taught tolerance and it is reflected in history however lately, not sure why, we are caught in this whirlpool of strong emotions flowing everywhere.’

Sam ‘Do you feel my business will not be at risk?’

Maya ‘you are seeing the response right.. call Jenny and inform her the adultation you are receiving..she will be happy’

Sam calls Jenny

Sam ‘Jenny.. have become photographer and film maker.. will you join me?’

Jenny ‘thank god.. you identified what you wished to be’

Sam ‘yes.. but here.. I feel, I can even think of doing something more’

Jenny ‘like?’

Sam ‘to start a business on training emotions’

Jenny ‘superb idea.. am joining you soon’

Maya ‘Saw.. India gives any individual an opportunity to start something.. active collaborators needed.. and life would be good’

Sam ‘but this rush push.. and race?’

Maya ‘each individual should understand who they are..and work on their strengths and focus only on strengths.. for weaknesses, get right team members to build strong team’

Sam ‘will you be my partner’

Maya ‘I am.. you are paying me rent right’

Sam smiles and looks at sky and murmers

‘May Unknown bless all of us with wisdom to understand who we are’

Maya ‘At peace.. every one’







Mathematics of Emotions

A tear drop fell as Susan helplessly wondered when will George have time for her.

George ‘it is 20 drops and then the sprinkled flow.. the force was a bit uneven’

Susan ‘George.. why mathematics in this’

George the mathematician always felt everything is maths in this world.

George ‘as you lost those 20 drops.. the earth gained water. Everything balances out.. Minimum 1 million individuals in this earth may be crying every day.. it means 20 drops of water on average.. do you know the water generated.. the volumes’

Susan shakes George up…

Susan ‘George.. why am i in love with you.. you are crazy.. weird.. still not sure.. what makes me hold on to you’

George ‘bonds.. our heart has built strong bond.. the integrated bond cannot differentiate values.. hence we look unified to others.. but if we put a mathematical formulae to our love

Our love = (our physical mass) x emotions ^ speed of light

Susan ‘George.. mathematics is tough. Now you introducing science’

George ‘your mom failed to understand economics of love.. more the demand.. less the supply.. and vice versa.. hence your father seperated from her’

Susan has more drops oozing out..

George ‘if ever anyone kisses anyone.. the number of membranes which get touched.. ‘

Susan ‘common I know you are weak in biology.. don’t do such stupid talks’

George ‘infinite contacts happen during a kiss. hence binding becomes more special.. then normal eye contact’

Susan hugs George.. and kisses him on his lips

George ‘i have to now focus on abstract algebra.. everything is hypothesis..   Susan kissed george, it means she loves George.. (null hypthesis)..  now who will prove and reject this statement..

Susan ‘you.. as you have hammered me with so much maths that I know you will prove I do not love you’

George ‘funny girl.. you know I will exit and still you hold on to me’

Susan ‘because you are a special unique creature.. very simple in heart.. hence’

George ‘I used to hate divisions and multiplications.. but now I divide my love. between maths and you.. i multiply my love for maths and you by asking you more mathematical questions..

Why is it that your heart beats heavily..when you are near me?

How many beats were heavy and how many normal..

Susan has left to prepare food with a weird look

Susan has adjusted to her boy friend’s madness.. hence her relation survives..  hope all do that. for companion support.. tolerate each other’





Thanks Giving

I thank all the viewers to keep visiting the site and acknowledging its content.

I thank all my well wishers to keep encouraging me with vibrant comments

If love demanded an answer, it is only forgiveness and peace.

If marriage demanded a solution, it is only undemanding love and tolerance.

If society demanded a change, it is only a natural phenomenon as only change is constant.

If entrepreneur demanded a change, the investor can only say ‘dear entrepreneur have patience, you need to be constant. we can keep changing, so relax and enjoy the entrepreneurship journey.

If kid demanded a change, parents can only say ‘have patience, just grow up and then be independent but as it is thanksgiving, let us enjoy the moments as a family’

Love for family and friends makes the day more eventful and many entrepreneurs would be making bucks thanks to great discounts and schemes, so this is the day which many entrepreneurs will rejoice.



Bob hits out at Romel for spelling out ‘Intolerance’ in a public dias.

Romel ‘Dear Bob, I agree you are the most ideal individual who is an example of tolerance. I am just talking about my startup INTOLERANCE’

Bob ‘common here the whole world is talking of Intolerance and the pains seen everywhere for numerous number of conflicts and you talk of a startup INTOLERANCE’

Romel ‘Sir.. Intolerance startup will be a causal analysis solution expert company with a dash of Infographics’

Bob ‘whatsoever…. can you help us understand what are the cause and effects of this INTOLERANCE trend?’

Romel ‘anything which hurts sentiments of human leads to intolerance if the sentiments are hurt in excess. example if you will keep hitting a silent animal, the animal will react. It is Newton’s law sir..  and then the impact follows Einstein’s theory of Relativity. The sentiment waves move with splash of light .. and’

Bob ‘dear.. are you are preacher, teacher, politician or what?’

Romel ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK .. an amalgamation of science, fiction, technology and entertainment.. enjoy the essence of it.. don’t think too much. Life is all about forgetting and forgiving and all is well then’


Loud Noise

Benny reaches the hospital and is in pain.,.

She is rushed to the ear surgeon who finds her ear drums damaged…

Surgeon Peter ‘what is this? honestly tell me everything’

Benny ‘since child hood as my parents fought, grumbled.. I would make the music loud and hear that.. and then.. over a period of time.. I realized I needed loud music’

Benny ‘then when I got into relation with Sam, same story repeated and this time it was to avoid listening to him’

Peter ‘and..’

Benny ‘last night I got my first amount from bank for my startup Decibels which focused on rhythms to soothe mind and reduce noise decibels and while I was testing.. this happened’

Peter ‘sorry to say.. but your left ear drum is almost gone.. it will take time.. so have patience.. I fail to understand why folks love loud music.. it damages ear.

Moral of the story ‘there is enough noise pollution, let us not contribute to it by making more noises’

An Employee turned Entrepreneur

Kid ‘Papa says never to stand behind a donkey and never to stand in front of boss’

Mom ‘why?’

Kid ‘Donkey kicks from back and Boss kicks from front’ and shows his thumbs down

Kid ‘Papa says hence be an entrepreneur’ and shows his thumbs up.

Mom ‘My son.. and who will fend for all bills, your fees till then?’

Kid ‘Papa says Mom makes the difference. Give her love and more love and she will shower you and papa with love, happiness and will support family expenses too till Papa becomes a successful entrepreneur’

Mom ‘where is Papa?’

Kid ‘why?’

Mom ‘I want to….’

Kid ‘Papa says if mummy hits too it is because of love, she will still support you and papa in whatsoever we do’

Mom ‘I will ..’

Kid ‘Papa says if she stops at I will.. it means you and Pappa are going to get kisses and love during the day and night on that day… you should thank stars for giving such loving mom’

mom looks baffled up

Kid ‘papa says.. if she looks up.. it means she is thanking god to give a son like you and dad like me’