Meet my Investor John

John ‘how are you doing?’

Ram ‘Doing well Sir.. business valuation 3 Billion $. selling every thing at low price’

John ‘excellent.. but what is earning after tax?’

Ram bursts out laughing

Ram ‘common.. Sir.. we had agreed for huge traffic, huge impact.. huge turnover.. so the game was pure valuation one.. now we all knew it would never make profits’

John ‘so who will ever purchase this venture?’

Ram ‘trick is make lesser sales.. and arrive at acceptable valuation.. some hi-fi investors who believe in such impacts will take it’

John ‘Ram.. do you feel we are so ruthless’

Ram ‘I know that..investors too answerable to someone.. but’

John ‘why are we so caught up in millions and billions and forget the real impact.. never understand.. I agree we never grow core industries’

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