Love Psychology

Love can be felt without a body touch
Sensation can be felt with a body touch
Choice is your’s
You wish love or you wish sensation.
Never get confused with a mere statement ‘I love you’
Did Jane feel it in her heart.. or did she get carried away with his hand touching her hand..

Heart beats get heavier when someone special is near.
Heart beats are normal when a friend is near..
A chemical reaction is not love.
It is your body reaction.
It will get normal when that special person becomes a friend.
but can you feel your friend’s love?
only in your heart..

what happens if heart beat’s heavier..
dear stop thinking.. be the first one to look at mirror and say
‘I feel something is happening. It is not love for sure.. is it lust?’
Jane says ‘don’t dampen my heart.. i feel it is love and hence nervousness’
A loud laughter with a message to Jane
“Dear Jane.. it could be love as love can be felt without a body touch.. did you get it?’
Jane is blushing red.. she feels she has found her love

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