One click changes life

She took a snap of a monkey imitating her and put in facebook
Her friends noticed that even the monkey had a mobile
Jose ‘how cum it knows clicking snap’
Mary ‘even animals can pick technology and you will be surprised..’
Mary takes Jose to her ‘pet coaching class’
There she finds dogs and cats googling and trying to search for animal video’s
Jose ‘wonderful.. do you need funds.’
Mary ‘common we just met.. and you are rushing to be my investor’
Jose ‘as i feel it is great concept’
Mary ‘lol.. i just made a small tool for the animals to use their paw over the screen and it shows a series of youtube videos and then again when they paw.. they see some video’s
Jose ‘excellent.. who gave this idea’
Mary ‘keep reading blogs.. PASSION FRAMEWORK talks about probing and innovating.. so did that’

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