Festive time

Sandra kisses Tom on his forehead and says ‘it is festive time’
Mary kisses Tom on his cheeks and says ‘be cheerful and enjoy the day today’
Rose kisses Tom on his other cheeks and says ‘you look so handsome.. no wonder all clamor for yoou’
Pacy wonders why she should be left behind and rushes to kiss Tom on his lips..
and soon
Tom starts barking loudly..
Sandra ‘why you messing with him.. you should know he loves attention but not intimacy’
Pacy’s face falls low
Pacy ‘common, i was just trying to pose for a photo with him pouting my lips like he did’
Rose ‘oh I see.. hence he got annoyed.. you really didn’t wish to kiss him’
Pacy ‘how can I kiss it… yuck..’
Sandra ‘pet animals are fondled, cared..and do you know what.. am going to start a day care center for pets soon.. any one wants to cofound it?’
Mary ‘me of course’
Pacy ‘ok.. i do not love to cuddle animals but am fine with investing on pet business’
Tom is wagging his tail happily.

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