Reckless Horror

James and Charlie are brothers in love with Susan and Della who are twin sister.

One day when they decide to go for a night party, their life changes..

James ‘shit.. she is dead..’

Charlie ‘I told you to drive slowly’

Susan ‘these brothers have landed us in mess’

Charlie ‘shut up..  he didn’t do it intentionally.. just 140 miles.. ‘

Della ‘we may need to put her in our car and throw her somewhere’

All carry the body and put her behind …

James moves towards graveyard and stop the car

Charlie opens the car back.. and shrieks..

Susan shrieks loudly..

The body has disappeared..

Della asks James to drive back home…

at home as they watch TV they observe ‘a gruesome accident had taken place in same location at 3pm and the girl’s face matches the body’

Charlie ‘it is spooky.. it means she warned us not drive rashly’

Susan ‘is her soul lingering on that road’

An echo is heard ‘yes.. I will warn each rash driver to not drive recklessly and play with human lives’

Charlie ‘this is weird’

A shrill laughter echoes all over ‘Next time remember to drive slowly’

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