Confused Souls

One soul talks to other soul

A ‘why do you always wish you should succeed’

B ‘because I wish to be the best’

A ‘it means someone will have to loose for you’

B ‘common on merit, I will ensure someone looses out’

A ‘means someone will need to loose right?’

B ‘obviously’

A ‘ok i loose out to you.. you win.. now give me a treat’

B ‘wow.. I will treat you with best of cakes’

A and B munching cake

B ‘so how you find winning over me?’

A ‘feel so good’

B ‘I always wanted a diamond necklace’

A ‘is it so.. common i will purchase for you’

A ‘wow it looks so nice’

B ‘thanks dear.. I love you so much’

A ‘me too’

B ‘i always wished my hubby would make me partner in each of his pursuits’

A ‘is it so?’

B ‘yes’

A ‘ok i will now make you 50% partner of everything I have’

B ‘will pray for you and ensure you always win’

A ‘am so happy.. i got a flexible wife’

B ‘i also got a generous hubby. so nice.. so what if you wish to win.. i too gain by me loosing out’

A ‘so nice of you.. I love you so much’

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