Trump is a winner all the way for his simple business model of making families happy.

He has specific trained staff for bringing family happiness.

One day he gets an assignment from a family of 4

Peter is a workohelic and has no time for Katy.

Their 6 year kid John is being bullied by his school mates and little puppy Joy is clueless of why he is in the family. At times gets food else forgotten.

Trump ‘Peter.. i know you wish to bring family happiness back.. can you do a favor’

Peter ‘what?’

Trump ‘ensure both John and Joy are fed everyday in time. Do you know to cook?’

Peter ‘no’

Trump ‘i will teach you cooking.. how to make 7 day meal in 2 days..’

Peter ‘wow’

Trump teaches Peter cooking on Sunday

Soon John and Joy look happy..

Trump reaches John’s school and finds his seniors bulldozing him

Trump rushes and holds one’s hand

Trump pushes the kid.. and that kid is hurt bady

Trump ‘what is your name?’

Kid ‘Fred’

Trump ‘bullying by seniors.. did you enjoy’

Fred ‘No’

Trump ‘realize you too can get bullied.. so stop it.. be friends’

Fred hugs John

Trump now calls up Katy

Katy ‘he neglects me’

Trump ‘dear.. do you know all his investments are for new bungalow for you.. it is your family.. give him love.. he is working hard for you. He has assured every weekend he will cook food for all’

Katy ‘that too for 7 days in 1 day’

trump begins laughing

Katy ‘ok Trump will attempt’

5 months later

Katy ‘Trump will your business model really work?’

Trump ‘why not.. uniting families is also a business model. I charge nominal 100$ for a day. I get food from family.. I stay too at their place so why not.. only thing is I should not cheat my clients’

Katy ‘thanks dear.. will promote you’











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