Jumbled up

Mary ‘should she be chucked out.. or should she be retained’

Rob ‘we should let her go.. Bad performance’

Mary ‘but she has good attitude’

Nancy ‘I think give her a chance’

Rob ‘let her go’

After the serious discussions on resource planning, the team decides to have quite dinner in NY Manhatten restaurent.

Rob ‘hey.. she is with the lead who happens to work with our competitor’

Nancy ‘i guess, he is giving her an offer’

Mary ‘She is a critical resource, no backups for her’

Next day

Susan submits her resignation..

Mary the lead ‘why.. am just about working on your compensation with HR’

Susan ‘made my decision.. am getting married to Joe.. I met him at dinner yesterday and we decided to take our relation to next level’

Mary rushes to Rob, HR Manager

Mary ‘I told you to retain her.. she is gone’

Rob ‘you should be knowing what she does, manage till we get new resource’

Mary ‘common.. do you know at which level I am’

2 days later

Nancy ‘Mary.. why you cannot handle her job.. Am CEO and need to take decisions’

Mary ‘Am submitting my resignation today’

Nancy ‘what?’

Mary ‘am fedup of all this. you never give appraisals in time and if am supposed to do everything.. why should I do it for all. Am starting my own venture’

Nancy looks at Mary

Nancy ‘Rob look what she is saying.. let her submit her paper.. Check for some outsourcing contractors’

Rob ‘but they come at high rates’

Nancy ‘we need to get work done.. can you supervise the department till we identify someone’

Rob ‘what?’

Nancy ‘just checking your profile.. you have similar experience but transitioned to HR.. so’

2 days later Rob submits resignation

5 days later Nancy is looking happy..

Nancy ‘i managed to wipe an entire non productive department in 5 days’

Jose the CEO of another company ‘how?’

Nancy ‘Susan’s professor know me and he was mentioning she is most of time engrossed in her fiance issues during evening classes. I monitored them from remote and realized no one works in that department.. so convinced her professor to marry her off with her fiance and then you know the rest..’





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