2016 – Year of Achievements

Life Amendments

bring change to our life in case you feel you are loosing out as new year will bring in a sure success if you pause, think and act to do something meaningful in life

bring change in your heart and realize you need not be too tough for small mortals like your beloved.. they want only love and care.. may be an occasional kiss and hug too.. so leave the professional diplomat cool exterior and let your hair down and have fun with your beloved.. do not become a disciplinary parent who keeps pointing mistakes.

bring change to your mind and realize you are stagnant, you are on last phase of your work career.. now onwards only you need to think of doing some business..

bring change to your soul… over spending, over eating, over traveling, over doing things.. is not too good. even over exercising is not too good.. spend some time with society and understand issues and problems in your society and see how you can help and solve in small little way

The year ends with a bang.. let each day be a milestone to ensure next year end, you have many stories, many poems, many incidents to narrate, to share.. get going.. enjoy the journey of life as in a while the vehicle will stop for a while.. some will celebrate with dance, some with kiss, some with hug, some with partner. some with friends.. but new year is just going to begin.. Happy New Year 2016.. Prosperous New Year 2016

Year of Achievement 2016.. not for me alone, for all of you.

God bless and My sincere love to all of you

New year cake

Rose is a happy go lucky girl who lost her father in a terrorist attack..

She is the only survivor and works in a small shop in Detroit

Rose ‘new year and cakes.. I remember those moments where we as family would celebrate new year with family..’

Herald ‘hey.. I do understand your emotions.. you were all lost and then somehow I managed to have you here under special scheme’

Herald ‘I am growing old.. and need to also settle you’

Rose ‘I still wonder how god throws characters in our life and a new relation can get formed any time.. Like I met Neo today and felt he has a special feeling for me’

Herald ‘great.. are you attracted to him?’

Rose ‘not sure.. seems so.. seem doesn’t. He has joined an accelerator program and just accidently visited this shop’

Herald ‘never believe a stranger’

Rose ‘but Sir.. don’t we all need to believe in some or other stranger throughout our life. To celebrate an event, a cake is cut and to celebrate a separation….’

Herald ‘again a cake is cut..dear.. relax.. don’t justify so much.. if he too has an inclination.. maybe he will come to this shop and celebrate new year’

Rose ‘common why would he?’

Rose gets a tele buzz  ‘hey.. it is he..’

Herald ‘what is the message..’

Rose ‘he is visiting us to celebrate new year’

Herald ‘how cute’


Crazy thought

How should I improve my writing well?

What next 2016?

Will I continue to be a great masala blogger and entertain folks or become a niche writer and focus only on technology piece of writing or will I be as it is?

What will I value add as a writer to this blog?

Am thinking, Am munching, Am surrounded by startups and mentoring, I realize that what we write may be forgotten soon…

how I wish all of you remember it even during lunch/brunch/breakfast/supper time and all time that

‘Need to read PASSION FRAMEWORK.. the writer does add value to my thought process’

example ‘NEW YEAR 2016 – Year of Words

Well written thought

Only to reach your heart

Reaching out to globe

Doing its part to make you thoughtful







Surprise Packet

Joe opens up the packet parceled by Sam his best friend.

When he opens the packet, he see’s a letter

Joe reads it

‘in life we really do not wish any negative surprises, only positive ones hence I wish to inform you that you will soon be  a co founder of my  venture and already declared you as Director. Hope as friend, I have liberty to work with me..

Can you surprise your company with a sweet little resignation letter and call me back soon. ‘

Joe is shocked to see his millionaire friend still remembering him and giving his blessings. to support Joe and his family

Who said friendship never exists in the earth. A lover can pep your heart, A friend pep’s mind and heart hence friend is placed on a higher pedestal then even spouse.. so all of us need to be friend’s first to our spouse and give them this surprise.





the queries of heart
alas remain queries.
the queries of mind
alas remain queries
the thought of these
queries bring another query
as the mind thinks
as the  heart thiinks
a smile surfaces back
answering all queries
why does remembrance
bring queries and queries
does a person miles apart
queries similarly in heart
the sun sets and what
remains is a peaceful smile.


Life is a Line supposed to be singular focused to move to a destination and what happens is that when we are being nurtured small branches begin coming out here and there.. out singular focus is lost in moving to those branches.. where you could get lost and again you to have get back to the main line and move further.

Some are happy in those branches and may just carry themselves with those branches towards the focus. The weight of those branches are too heavy and you may just collapse without reach the destination

If we have too many baggage of relationship around us, good to be connected, good to mingle but do not carry all those baggage at work place or get lost in it, to forget your own goals, identity etc.

Oscillating between yes or no, between should I, should I not.., an individual begins loosing friends, relation, jobs, goals and achievement too as mind is wavering, heart is wavering and poor little soul is confused by our body and keeps wondering why decision making capabilities are so weak in us and how we can groom individuals to improve decision making capabilities.

Professor Derek has launched his workshop in Strengthening Decision Making Capabilities. A small startup with a fee of only US$20, you get various case studies, games to play and Derek monitors your brain zones to make it sharper, better after all he feels

‘Why drag relationship for 10 years and not remain committed as it shows weak decision making capabilities or commitment phobic tendencies’


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