Probability of Success

Neo addresses a group of Mathematic Students ‘What is probability of a coin being tossed once? heads or tail?

All echo 50%

Neo ‘so all agree that if you can get 1 or you can 0..  50-50 chances

All echo ‘yes’

Susan ‘only if we are unsure then 50-50 chances ‘

Neo ‘good susan.. another question  ‘do you feel a person has both positive and negative energy’

All echo ‘yes’

Neo ‘what are chances for person to have positive energy?’

All echo ’50-50′

Susan ‘only if we are unsure’

Neo ‘so do all agree, that to have probability of success more predictable, repeated positive energy should be displayed every day by the person’

Susan ‘is it a psychology class or maths’

Neo ‘probability theories are used in any discipline. please read that thoroughly. even if you hate maths, remember if a coin is tossed up in air, it will fall with either heads or tails unless the coin itself has only heads or only tails printed on both sides’

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