Meet my Founder

My founder Louis met me in garden where I was lazing, basking under sun’s glory and shine thinking what next can be done after a regular pink slip in December. It has been 4th year of my career and this is a repetitive occurance. I planned to actually visit HR department next year of my prospective employer next December and submit a resignation letter instead of getting pink slip…

I never understood what pink slip meant.. was it a love letter because it is pink in color or was it meant to be understood that ‘you are dear to me, but I don’t love you. I need to keep my beloved ones. I like you and hope you understand between word LOVE and LIKE. Human beings need not live with people whom they LIKE.

I wondered why a boy or girl felt shy or hesitant to say the word ‘I LOVE YOU’ and kept fiddling with ‘I LIKE YOU’.. why face book introduced only ‘LIKE and DISLIKE’ and ‘NOT LOVE’

Louis asked me to take a photograph of her.. and wow at 5pm, as sun was setting, Central Park looked beautiful.. I took her photo and felt her eyes mismerizing me.. Am I falling in love with her?

She just smiled and took her camera and then casually asked ‘what do I do to earn my living’

Paul the soul in me asked Paul the body ‘what the hell am doing?’

I stuttered and said ‘Paul here.. am actually recently jobless.. and searching some future’

I asked her ‘what do you do? what is your name’

She flashed her smile and said ‘Louisa.. have founded a company PINKSLIP’

I got shocked.. I laughed.. and asked ‘what it does?’

Louisa ‘I help families run their household chores in just US$200 till time resource doesn’t get settled’

I ‘why will anyone wish to avail your service?’

Louisa ‘reasons.. it helps them as I ensure I plan their groceries, electricity and micromanage and even help in providing jobs.. ‘

Louisa ‘will you wish to cofound?’

I ‘i think i will.. but will this model work?’

Louisa ‘i have got US$20000 as traction.. have few team members.. I feel you will be right person to experiment on too..’

I ‘means’

Louisa ‘experiment self at 200$ and check self’

I felt it is not a bad idea.. and two days later just paid her 200$

Louisa ‘thanks.. you are my first client.. and also my partner.. co founder’

I ‘wow.. experiment on me?’

Louisa ‘unless an entrepreneur doesn’t feel the pain point how can he or she find a solution?’

I ‘did you face it?’

Louisa ‘my parents gave me pink slip when I was just new born… never saw them ever again.. so what more pink slips can anyone give me apart from that’

I felt the Paul in my.. my soul wishing to hug Louisa and stopped

‘She is my founder.. can I love her? or am I only liking her’

I held her hand and asked ‘can we have a coffee’

The Paul in me asked a question ‘why PASSSION experiments and brings new dimensions to life of an entrepreneur?’

The Paul in me.. my body realized ‘entrepreneur’s journey is like a film where actors need to be essembled, story written, story told, story needs to succeed..  put all ingredients of success in it.. hence PASSION experiments.. ‘

I smiled and was sipping coffee with Louisa wondering ‘is this the one for me?’

She was looking at my eyes wondering ‘has he begun loving her or is it just respect or is it like?’




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