Morning Flight

4am, rushing pushing, Jane reaches Newark Airport only to find.. huge line for bag checking.

Jane ‘what is the matter?’

Attendant ‘routine one.. should soon get streamlined..

Jane notices a number of Asian Students enjoying themselves at one corner

Jane feels she can any check in latter as attendant has assured her that the rush should streamline..

She reaches the students and finds a familiar looking person near them

Jane ‘Have seen you somewhere.. ‘

Hank ‘hey ..recollect our China trip.. I had come from Japan and you from US.. That meeting.. the morning flight..’

Jane ‘where were you.. you just disappeared.. ‘

Hank ‘you wished a western lifestyle.. i hoped that morning flight where we both were to together.. I proposed you.. as felt you were meant for me.. our goals too looked similar.. both inclined to teach entrepreneurship.. and then..’

Jane ‘just we met in the Singapore airport.. and that too in connecting flight.. don’t you feel it was too soon’

Hank ‘my heart felt we knew each other for ages’

Jane ‘but you were focused on social entrepreneurship and me on regular ones.. so felt our views would clash.. plus….’

Hank ‘what.. plus’

Jane ‘i was not sure if I was going to choose Asia as my living abode’

Hank ‘am still open to propose you all over again’

Hank kneels on legs.. his students get shocked

One of student ‘Sir… do you know her’

Jane ‘my fiancee ..’

Student ‘wow.. Sir’s fiancee.. so beautiful.. lucky Sir’

Hank looks shocked

Hank ‘are you sure?’

Jane ‘let this morning flight bring new change in my life.. ok catch you once I reach LA.. as need to catch Singapore flight from there’

Hank ‘hey.. we too in same route’

Jane ‘common.. is this coincidence.. or planned.. Hank you are funny’

Hank ‘Jane.. promise you will be with me forever. we Asians always wish our beloved live with us forever’

Jane ‘hey we too.. who wants love to be seperated ever.. a bit of impatience.. but am resolving that through yoga.. ‘

Hank and Jane stand in the Hank looks at an advertisement


Hank ‘hey look there..’

Jane  ‘good writing’

Hank ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK….. what is it? will google same during flight’

Jane ‘Looks interesting’




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