Can Entrepreneurship be taught?

Drum has a passion to teach individuals entrepreneurship spirit. One day during a meet, a senior industrialist Jack stops Drum for a question

Jack ‘Can Entrepreneurship be taught? I have no formal education but am a very successful businessman. Am invited in such occasions, even am in panel of few forums to choose best entrepreneur of year, but find entrepreneurship as a game of imperfection to make one perfect as a human in life’

Drum ‘Interesting…  to answer you question… Entrepreneurship needs to be taught but no theories work out here.. It is important to make a budding entrepreneur aware of how to manage finance, how to organize self and how to brand self for high valuation’

Jack ‘qualification?’

Drum ‘how many under graduates you have in company?’

Jack ’20.. but qualified around 500′

Drum ‘it means education plays a role eventually in entrepreneurs success’

Jack ‘I agree’..

Jack sits back and as conference is continuing, he puts a twitter message ‘I learnt through experience.. many times duped too. Education is the only risk management strategy an individual should use to mitigate all other risks.. Cheers’


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