Water Water

Rob is bathing and suddenly no water in his tap.. He is fedup. This is the nth time this issue has come.. No rains.. Scanty water..  Why is it happening..?

He cleans his body and makes his breakfast and leaves for work..

On his way.. he ponders

“Do all of these crowd take bath daily? Is there enough water? On one side with large number of vehicles, water is needed to clean them too.

It is a problem.. why not research on recycling water’

Need solutions for

  • Pre-filtration and solids removal
  • Concentrate and separate contaminants
  • Make near potable water

He reaches his office and finds his colleague washing left over utensils with water at work..

Rob wonders ‘if water is so dear.. why not think of various ways to recycle water’

2 months latter he has decided to work in a company which works on recycling water initiatives. he wishes to become entrepreneur and have his own unit.


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