Focused Group

Mary ‘it is important to have focused group for a mission’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create one’

2 months later

Mary ‘the group has got bored of that focus’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create another focused group’

Mary ‘why cannot same group focus on 2-3 areas’

CEO ‘it is not our focus’

Mary ‘means… ‘

CEO ‘any person who has more then 2-3 focus suffers from distraction syndrome’

Mary ‘I do not agree.. else there would be no investors, no serial entrepreneurs’

CEO pauses for a while..

CEO ‘common do what you wish and feel is right..  I wanted to have focused group and stick to principles but yes I agree in long run each business copies some feature or other of some other business. multiple focus come not by choice but by compulsion.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. so you finally agreed that diversification helps reach stronger and to stay in business we can begin with small focused attention but need to begin seeking new pastures soon else stagnation sets in’


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