work lessons

“never ask boss the reason when a task is given; complete the task and arrive at conclusions.

never stop the boss from doing things which the boss feels is right; let the task complete and boss realize whether it was right or wrong decision”

Fred stops the Management Expert Joy who is addressing a group of students in reputed Management Institute and asks a question

“If we cannot ask our boss reasons nor stop the boss from doing things which we feel it could lead to disaster.. then why are we learning management?”

Joy “Managing one’s boss should be a specialized topic and alas we keep teaching all the disciplines but fail to teach how to please one’s boss. Do you know some bosses may not appreciate the detailed business plan but would be very particular about look and feel, font sizes and so on”

Melissa “yes Sir.. hence when I fail to write a question, I always write ‘Please give me grace marks and a big hug icon’ in my test papers and I always pass exams.

Joy begins smiling

Joy ‘many bosses feel employees may not manage it.. so do it themselves’

Neo ‘why do they hire employees then?’

Joy  ‘a boss will get confident about an employee if client appreciates that employee.. then dependencies begin.. and one day employee demands high salary’

Neo ‘then?’

Joe ‘dear all.. understand that the employee back up gets created and then..’

Melissa ‘understood Sir’

Joe smiles

Melissa ‘the employee becomes an industry expert and begins teaching in Management Institutes to folks like us on Work Lesson’

Joe ‘wow.. so you guys loved my teaching style and also understood how I have becomes a visiting Professor’

All burst out laughing..

Joe ‘hence folks.. have back up plans.. become entrepreneur in small way.. any time you can be kicked out’

Fred ‘Sir.. you are great.. you laugh at own self’

Joe ‘work lessons – enjoy each moment with a smile and courage of a king to give confidence to your employer and never show your interest to become an emperor else..

All echo ‘you will end up being a trainer’

Joe ‘give big claps for this session’




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