14 Injections

  1. You should never lie
  2. You should make good product
  3. You should reach to market and sell your product
  4. You should have good professional network
  5. You should a good team
  6. You should be a leader
  7. You should brand your product
  8. You should use social media tools to promote
  9. You should have lean team
  10. You should manage performance
  11. You should balance your family life
  12. You should be flexible
  13. You should be approachable and well grounded
  14. You should be determined and focused in your goals

Hope these 14 injections drill in mind of each entrepreneur to succeed in one’s venture

A dog’s bite is a lesson to a human to understand that never try to kid self unnecessarily when you know what you would suffer if you don’t discipline self.

In case you are perfect and still there is someone who bit you, it is because you are destined to get better in life.

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