Twisted Love Story

Sarah is in love with Jack a roadside Dramatist

Sarah is daughter of millionaire who began loving Jack for his innocence.

Sarah ‘Jack.. want to tell you.. a reality’

Jack ‘I know you come all the way to see me act.. and you love me’

Sarah ‘yes.. hence I wish to inform my father and maybe he can build a drama company for you’

3 days later

Sarah’s father Rick is invited to a dinner

Rick ‘what you do for a living?’

Sarah ‘he is a performer’

Rick ‘interesting.. I had plans to start a drama company’

Sarah ‘are you kidding.. I was planning to propose this for Jack’s career’

Rick ‘Oh I see..’

Rick ‘Love is a penance if done with heart and peace if done with soul and do you know my beloved Jane always said this.. How I miss her’

Sarah ‘Dad.. you never told about Jane’

Jack ‘hey… common.. it is my Mom’s name’

Sarah ‘strange coincidence’

Rick looks surprised

Rick ‘Jack.. can I see your mom’s photo’

Jack ‘wait..a minute’.. He removes photo from his purse

Rick has tears in his eyes…

Sarah ‘is she the one?’

Rick ‘I used to be a performer.. and your mother used to love me for my performance.. and she being daughter of a millionaire.. and then your grandfather put a condition.. leave your past and just be with my daughter’

Rick ‘I left Jane.. never realized she was having a child.. my child’

Rick hugs Jack

Sarah has tears in her eyes.. not sure if it is for loosing love or gaining brother or…’

Jack ‘I wonder how relation can twist anytime.. love can change color anytime.. Never knew Life can be cruel at times.. ‘

Rick ‘Forget everything.. meet Sarah your sister.. and thanks Sara for gifting me back my son.. will start a venture for him’


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