Absurd Branding

Joe has a bracelet shop and brands the articles as BRACEMACHO

He has a competitor in Anne and she too has accessories shop and brands her articles as GRACEFEM

Both of them have no competition as Joe attracts Male Crowd and Anne attracts Female.. till one month back..

Anne notices lots of female crowd in BraceMacho shop.

Anne ‘surely he has now begun keeping women accessories..’

Once the crowd settles, she calls Joe

Anne ‘Boy.. competing with me now?’

Joe begins laughing

Joe ‘common they are collecting bracemacho bracelets for themselves.. I guess’

Joe similarly finds huge number of guys in Anne’s shop

Joe rushes to see what is happening

Joe ‘Anne.. you cannot do this.. from where you purchasing male bracelets.. ‘

Anne ‘none of your business..’

Joe ‘I too will begin keeping women accessories’

Anne ‘sure you can.. am going to have super model Ninja brand GRACEFEM’

Joe ‘Male Model?’

Anne ‘yes…he rocks’

Next Morning

Anne see’s a beautiful girl’ poster holding BRACEMACHO bracelets’

Anne ‘oh I see.. copy cat’

Few days later

GRACEFEM pamphlets being distributed aggressively..

Joe ‘I will teach her a lesson… ‘

Anne is watching TV and she see’s an advertisements

Graceful Women .. don’t look any further Macho Braces available at Discount..  Pamphlets can be discarded.. My Love to all of you right in your heart.. rush to 202 China Town.. ‘

Anne ‘oh ..so he spending on channels to market his product’

Wait.. I will just show what Anne is capable of..

1 week later

Joe see’s a huge crowd at Anne’s shop

He rushes to see Anne fainted and she has clasped the model poster in her hand..

“She was trying to shred the whole poster but the door hit her badly.. and.. she has to be rushed to hospital’

Joe rushes and takes her to hospital..

Joe ‘Anne.. nothing will happen to you.. please.. let us make a new brand GRACEBRACE.. please.. wake up.. I am fatally attracted to you.. for my sake’

Anne opens her eyes..

Anne ‘you could have told me in beginning itself.. so much we wasted in building respective brand’

Joe ‘they were absurd brands.. let us have one.. only.. I love you Anne.. can we begin together’

Anne ‘let me recover first.. now I will own two shops’

Joe ‘one brand but.. ‘

Anne burst out laughing

Joe ‘one brand.. and two branded gifts.. our future kids.. boy and girl’


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