Dance Forms

Susan is a Dance Teacher who feels Dancing is essentially releasing your excess energy for a graceful entertainment to soothe one’s mind and heart.

She is in love with Bob who is an Athlete..

Bob ‘Susan.. I wish to introduce a dance form which will charge body, heart, mind and soul with loads of energy’

Susan ‘Am creating YOGIC a dance form which will begin with Salsa and then slowly move to Hip Hop and then a dash of Kathak and Bharat Natyam and finally it ends with break dance and it will cover all yoga postures’

Bob ‘Wow that is great… but I have a complaint’

Susan ‘what?’

Bob ‘We athletes keep running marathons but finally it is leg work.. and at times legs get stiff too.. ‘

Susan ‘perform YOGIC.. and yes the break dance is going to be too subtle.. not too agressive’

Susan hugs Bob and whispers ‘am converting this as a product and plan to have a franchisee around it’




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