New year cake

Rose is a happy go lucky girl who lost her father in a terrorist attack..

She is the only survivor and works in a small shop in Detroit

Rose ‘new year and cakes.. I remember those moments where we as family would celebrate new year with family..’

Herald ‘hey.. I do understand your emotions.. you were all lost and then somehow I managed to have you here under special scheme’

Herald ‘I am growing old.. and need to also settle you’

Rose ‘I still wonder how god throws characters in our life and a new relation can get formed any time.. Like I met Neo today and felt he has a special feeling for me’

Herald ‘great.. are you attracted to him?’

Rose ‘not sure.. seems so.. seem doesn’t. He has joined an accelerator program and just accidently visited this shop’

Herald ‘never believe a stranger’

Rose ‘but Sir.. don’t we all need to believe in some or other stranger throughout our life. To celebrate an event, a cake is cut and to celebrate a separation….’

Herald ‘again a cake is cut..dear.. relax.. don’t justify so much.. if he too has an inclination.. maybe he will come to this shop and celebrate new year’

Rose ‘common why would he?’

Rose gets a tele buzz  ‘hey.. it is he..’

Herald ‘what is the message..’

Rose ‘he is visiting us to celebrate new year’

Herald ‘how cute’


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