Rose is an ace technology architect and she specializes in middleware solutions..
One day Joseph her college mate meets her in conference. He is Mathematics professor in college..

Joseph ‘you look the same.. beautiful’
Rose ‘thanks.. how are you?’

Joseph ‘mathematics and calculus and integration and so on’

Rose ‘cool.. I am a solutions architect’

Joseph ‘wow..’

Rose ‘married?’

Joseph ‘single.. and happy.. what about you?’

Rose ‘my boy friend is in London.. so distance love’

Joseph ‘mathematics is all about binding elements and either filtering or aggregating the data’

Rose ‘means’

Joseph ‘it means that you decide in life whom you wish to be.. and choose friends, beloved by filtering and then you decide the professional contacts, friends and even casual friends and connect them in Linked In and Facebook.. Mathematics is most important aspect in providing solutions to problems’

Rose ‘not sure.. i was weak in maths.. you too know that’

Joseph ‘yes.. hence reminded you dear… and do you know what’

Rose ‘I know you used to flirt with me by sending me maths puzzles of relationship… like giving me 20 roses and asking me how many petals would you return back to me as love’

Joseph blushes

Rose ‘you never changed.. same type’

Joseph ‘how are you providing solutions without maths?’

Rose ‘these days we pick up components, integrate and important to choose components’

Joseph ‘what about latency, speed, communication?’

Rose ‘feature lists available dear in google’

Joseph ‘hence you chose that guy and ignored me.. may be I detail things out too much’

Rose ‘yes Joseph.. each topic of conversation would get converted to maths.. an equation’

Joseph ‘what equation you have with me?’

Rose ‘Joseph + Rose = Disaster’

Joseph ‘Incorrect’

Joseph ‘Joseph + Rose = Rose + Joseph’

Joseph ‘Relation equations are tough to understand. They keep dynamically changing.. hence the numerators and denominators play an important role..

Joseph ‘to strengthen relation.. an infinity is needed and to weaken a relation just a zero’

Rose is silent

Joseph ‘what is the use of distance relation if communication gaps exist, speed is unknown, consistency unknown, reliability unknown..’

Rose has drops of tears as she remembers her argument with her London boy friend

Joseph hugs Rose

Joseph ‘Solution Providers need to understand details of architect.. the maths behind a solution.. everything will go well’

Rose ‘Joseph.. you were always brilliant.. but I never found you romantic’

Joseph ‘romance is all about positive vibes moving between two objects.. it leads to factorial increase in love’

Joseph ‘a big rose to you.. accept me now’

Rose ‘what else do you do?’

Joseph ‘I am initiating a data analytic startup too.. cheers’

Rose ‘Am sure you will do well’

Joseph ‘will you be with me ?’

Rose ‘let me think over it…’

Joseph ‘if any relation goes bad.. mend it or break it.. nothing between.. digital technology works only on 0 or 1’

Rose begins laughing ‘you are again back to maths’

Vehicle vs Human

Robert a philosopher feels human can never be Machine

His doctor friend Rayon feels Man can become machine

Robert ‘common.. a human has emotions.. machine do not’

Rayon ‘do you know a human can be trained to mechanically work.. skillset development is all about tuning human to not get distracted. And now about emotions.. self control which all advocate is what? Is it not training a machine to control self?’

Robert ‘the whole globe began with forbidden apple.. god did design us and sometimes we kid that manufacturing defect exists hence so and so behaves in particular way… so I agree’

Rayon ‘humbleness, arrogance, greed, love, hate all these dimensions trigger human body to react… and same way machines need many parameters to trigger reaction.. but what I say is all abstract attributes hence human can never be machine as any perceptive attributes can never guarantee machine learning to succeed.. so hope all vehicle lovers and data analytic lovers understand machine learning or vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to infrastructure.. all these concepts will succeed only if human be trained to mechanically work’

Connected Transport

Naru is a road transporter and always wonders why should transportation system be connected..

His wife is an electronic enthusiast and fully focused in IoT space (Internet of things)..

Naru gives an interesting problem to Nalini his wife

Naru ‘transporters need a drink to gulp so that they do not sleep ever..’

Nalini ‘this is a myth… do you understand how road accidents happen’

Naru ‘I am telling you a practical logistic problem’

Nalini ‘alcohol testers, driver behavior patterns, diagnosing vehicle’

Naru ‘common.. do you know there are ways to defeat alcohol testers.. vehicle diagnostic is not an issue.. a cleaner always exists and spare parts available.. the most important fact is logistics.. loading and unloading takes huge time in factories… ‘

Nalini ‘I think we can have drunken patterns monitored’

Naru ‘this is the problem.. we get into too many technologies to solve simple solution.. let me explain to you’

Nalini ‘what?’

Naru ‘Truck drivers are prone to dehydration. Many truckers don’t drink enough water to avoid going to loo’s and toilet as anyways there are not sufficient toilets in highways.
AC travels also have cool breeze sucks moisture from the air and your body.

Naru ‘why cannot IoT sensors be put in’

Nalini ‘brilliant idea.. am sure western countries would be experimenting it’

Naru ‘so two pain points ROADSIDE TOILETS and DEHYDRATION these could help to minimize road side accidents and so it is time to make intelligent toilets within vehicles too’

Nalini ‘where does connected transport fits in’

Naru ‘these road side toilets will have intelligent scanners to sense speeding vehicles, will have a tower above to collate street data, vehicles moving to predict traffic patterns’

Nalini ‘interesting.. but business model looks complicated’

Naru ‘most of connected transport entrepreneurs need to have patience and need good capital backing and rather then struggling with OEM’s, come up with solutions around road side monitoring’

Naru ‘traffic monitoring will play key role and bandwidth challenges will need to get resolved for connected transport to be successful’

Nalini ‘for me IoT is here to stay.. but what is important is how IoT should be wisely used, taking user experience’

Naru ‘cup of coffee dear.. hammering you with ideas.. on sunday when we both should be relaxing’

Nalini ‘driverless vehicle will happen’

Naru ‘In India.. only in shopping malls in a predefined area’

Nalini ‘it will happen for sure’

Naru ‘hope so…’

Nalini ‘connecting people, connecting objects, objects interaction.. life of a transporter will get complicated further with too many technologies.. so hope someone focuses on creating maintenance shops.. skill development focus’

Naru is snoring..

Nalini looks up and sighs ‘hence I asked him to stop driving years back.. sleepy eyes detection sensors in making.. Innovation is just a state of mind, pushed by humans to invoke the right part of brain and link to left part of brain to make a product out of innovation. .Naru is exploring IoT only because of his blind love for me… poor hubby.. his life is simple.. but he needs to get used to technology’

Nalini ‘passion framework is all about probing and innovating.. Naru loves reading those blogs hence all this ideas keep flashing in his mind’

Toilet Problem

Jenny ‘why is there no toilets planned for women in this world specifically in cities’

Sam ‘we have shopping malls dear’

Jenny ‘this is ridiculous.. rely on metro stations, rely on some public common toilet’

Sam ‘each city has its own problem’

Jenny ‘hope folks hear this real pain point.. do you know so many urinary incontinence issues.. am highlighting a real pain point.. hope to see innovations around this soon’

Social Service Model for Entrepreneurship Eco System

Sarah is an economically backward lady.. One day she is reading PASSION FRAMEWORK and decides to probe the author…

Sarah ‘How can you make me an Entrepreneur?’

Author ‘Sarah… collect a group of individuals like you.. and we will begin small scale business units’

Sarah ‘Done.. what next.. where investments will come from?’

Author ‘you work as care taker with a family right?’

Sarah ‘yes’

Author ‘get all such families in this group.. they become angels’

Sarah ‘who will provide space?’

Author ‘space is available in plenty.. .relax’

Sarah ‘next?’

Author ‘the family where you work, their bread earners work in corporates’

Sarah ‘yes.. he is CEO of big firm’

Author ‘they become your angel investor’

Author ‘hope all understand this social eco system model well’

Sarah ‘thanks.. I do keep a close tab on this blog’

Author ‘bring in more followers, publicize this blog better’

Am I the Investor?

Rob is an ace psychologist.. he has been called upon by a group of investors who are reeling under shock because of their recent investments in startups..

Joe an investor just got a mini attack when he lost US$100000 all in 9 months. His invested startup has no takers.. bad management, founder is on merry trips..

Louisa is sad as all her invested companies are not doing well….

Rob ‘Admit guys you are greedy?’

Mark ‘common Investment means 5 X to 10 X returns’

Rob ‘how? let me give you strings and stretch it as much as possible’

Joe, Louisa, Mark all their strings break..

Rob uses his two hands and stretches a string.. it is not breaking…

Rob ‘do you know balancing.. it is not breaking.. founders need to balance a company.. even investors are as good as founders… if investor or founder gets greedy, project is gone’

Joe ‘but we are promoting entrepreneurship’

Rob ‘common investing couple of dollars and assuming the venture scales up.. not a good idea…’

Joe ‘but we invest in incubation managers too’

Rob ‘some 1%? ‘do you really feel you will get experienced folks in that?’

Louisa is silent

Joe ‘just converting freshers to entrepreneurs is disaster if they are not trained and investing on senior professionals to be entrepreneur too is disaster as they do not wish to listen over period of time’

Rob ‘so you use combinators right’

All echo ‘yes’

Rob ‘when did you first understand the importance of studies’

Louisa sheepishly ’15’

others 12, 17, 21 etc

Rob ‘same way.. an entrepreneur takes own time to understand importance of their business to their employee’s etc’

Louisa ‘i wish to exit from my ventures’

Rob ‘never think like a sales man if you wish to build foundations’

Rob ‘invest in one.. but make that one a success. have patience and above all acknowledge all who scale up that…else you head to disaster’

Mark ‘Investor invests to make multiples of money’

Rob ‘Investor should invest to build foundations’

Rob ‘no 9 month horizon.. 2-3 years minimum’

Rob ‘next time do not get carried away and invest in same type of projects.. demand is less.. supply is more.. all finished’

Am an employee

Mary is an employee who loves to claim she is the one who has moved the business up.. One day her CEO Jerry calls her and informs her that it is team work and nothing else but team which makes a business succeed..

Jerry ‘do you know the effect of your such talks’

Mary ‘It remains a fact.. you never knew anything’

Jerry ‘common.. Mary .. I agree the pitch competition.. it was won because of you.. I never treated you like an employee’

Mary sarcastically ‘common.. you hardly gave 1% equity for my sweat’

Jerry ‘stock options.. it is tricky.. I did pay handsome salary’

Mary ‘why so? you could have given me at least 20% equity’

Jerry ‘I never stopped you from leaving company.. you can start something of your own’

Mary ‘yes I realize I wasted my near 5 years with you.. Am an Employee right?’

Jerry ‘let us talk latter’

3 months later

Mary ‘am starting a venture?’

Jerry ‘non compete agreement.. you need to sign that’

Mary ‘you are stupid.. do you understand right of livelihood.. that supersedes all your legal documents’

Jerry ‘anyways do sign it’

Mary ‘why do entrepreneurs become so insecure when they move out of startup mode to being a successful business person.. why the fear of loosing’

Jerry ‘let us talk after you sign that’

Mary signs the document off

Jerry is relieved

Mary ‘Money drives everyone.. It is important for me too.. but for me humanity is more important.. am planning to provide free consulting to all’

Jerry’s face falls down…

Mary ‘so if I do not charge any money.. and my employees too do not charge any money… will it still be competition’

Jerry ‘I will put a case of intentional damages’

Mary ‘the most stupid thing which any employer can do is to put cases on employees… rather build trust on employees and see the employee performs well.. trust builds relation.. trust builds business too.. so I will rather perform well and give my best’

Jerry ‘please do not leave me…’

Mary ‘why?’

Jerry ‘I realized my mistake.. am giving you 20% stake in my venture’

Mary ‘ok let me think of it’

5 days later Mary agrees

Jerry ‘I realized that team is important.. but more then team, key folks who build organizations are also important.. value them.. rather then being in fool’s paradise that any one can replace key resources’

Love notes

Love is all about Lots of Voice Echoing in your heart
Why does it beat when I wish to control?
Why does it think when I wish to be out of control?
If Love is so simple, why it becomes complex after a while
Why Love is a mathematical problem of probabilities
when all it needs is 2 sets of eyes gazing at each other
wishing to be for life together..

If PASSION is all about pain and endurance for a cause
Love is all about experience and feelings for a cause

Love and PASSION go hand in hand together on a mission
If you love something, do not stop loving that something
because something happened by mistake or un-knowingly
forgiveness and compassion is best form of returns which you can give to even your enemy for building love foundations all over again.


Success comes with a reason
Failure comes also with a reason
So reasoning is most important aspects for success

Diagnosing a failure and understanding root causes also needs reasoning..
Rational reasoning or irrational reasoning?
Obviously rational reasoning moves our path to success better
Irrational reasoning moves our path to failures often

Improving reasoning power helps bring maturity in us to celebrate success or failures better. As you succeed you say Cheers laughingly and as you fail, you again say Cheers with a sad smile..