Machine Learning

Machine is learning ? or we are learning from machine?

Why does Pappu want to understand whether the blog penned is subjective or objective in writing?

Pappu a data scientist keeps wondering what would have happened if blogs stopped allowing subjective writing?

Subjective means referential, contextual.. in lay man terms boss..

Objective means with evidence.., direct to the point..

Did we ever try to understand what style we write?

Pappu says ‘machine learning is hot.. he is building a tool to analyze behavior of human through resumes?’

His mentor Sarah always smiles at Pappu

Sarah ‘very easy to fool psychometric tools.. once we know the formulae’

Pappu ‘do you know many a time.. so many viewers from facebook see the blog but that count not added in wordpress’

Sarah ‘tough norms.. enjoy.. why you bothered’

Pappu ‘do you know most of time we have 90% information waste and only 10% useful..’

Sarah ‘i feel only 1 out of 100 lines useful’

Pappu ‘Machine Learning can just summarize things ok’

Sarah ‘common… just using full stops… if logics capture summarization.. we are only fooling ourselves.. that is not analytics’

Pappu ‘writings can make all your senses active.. so which sense gets active.. on that boss making tool.. internet of thing for you’

Sarah ‘weird.. but exciting’

Pappu ‘ i was just experimenting reading a happy romantic novel and you guess what.. few of my senses got ignited’

Sarah ‘did you put sensors to gauge that?’

Pappu ‘eventually yes.. hope you all got boss machine learning, internet of thing type projects here.. in small way.. not trying to make you expert’

Sarah ‘are you working on this idea?’

Pappu ‘500 plus ideas out of 1000 plus blog.. enjoy’



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