Sluggish Devil

Devil Boredom reached Ms Julie’s heart one day

Julie was bored of routine and she realized devil boredom was prancing in her heart lazily.

One day her boy friend Smith decided to fight the devil in her..

Smith ‘am going to ensure you exercise every morning.. and eat food in time..’

Julie ‘common chill weather.. not in early morning’

Smith would religiously drive 10 miles to wake Julie up and take her to gym

Devil boredom felt Smith was trying to remove it from Julie.. and created a trick..

Temporarily it moved out to Smith’s heart

2 days later

Julie ‘Smith.. surprises you are not going to come to gym? why?’

Smith ‘am feeling lazy.. a bit sluggish’

Julie ‘look who is talking’

Smith yawns and cuddles in his bed

Devil Boredom smiles and ponders ‘why cannot startups understand a human body and a flash comes up in laptop screen

you are victim of following devils





and Love

and it gives a human an opportunity to seek cure or solution?





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