Good bye Startup

Mary is an ace angel investor but she is worried with the growing trends of failures.. Startup failures..

Mary ‘invested in multiple companies but still no result’

Joy who is an ace Incubation Expert looks at Mary and poker face asks a question

Joy ‘Mary.. we are meeting in so many meets. I am invited as a jury and you too invariably exist… but observe you follow a trend.. if an Ace investor, invests.. you imitate that…ánd follow up.. and the first investor.. also invests because the startup has some reputed brand advisors or CEO or from reputed colleges’

Mary is shocked at this straight answer

Mary ‘you could be right.. and wrong…’

Joy ‘building a framework for incubator and accelerator.. not an easy job .. mind well.. as many investors feel it is just another incubator…  but am building a support system for entrepreneurs.. a genuine one.. and each startup within it has a purpose.. a mission..’

Mary ‘who wishes to invest in incubator itself… you ought to be kidding…’

Joy ‘yes..all remain silent.. I got surprised that skill based learning also has a mandate.. resource needs to get placed… and then… rush push.. half baked resources presented to companies as funds are paid by government back to such agencies’

Mary ‘out of context dear’

Joy ‘Mary.. have patience and be a good advisor to your ventures.. rest will follow .. and in case you do not have that domain experience.. educate ..and learn.. and only then invest’

Mary ‘you are brutal.. am surprised.. you do not fear investor community and they may just boycott you’

Joy ‘if you are good.. you are.. people will come to me.. if am needed.. I am flexible.. I will support all incubation/ accelerator process and hopefully one day some investor realizes that to build startup eco system.. first you need patience and second you need perseverance and third you need people.. and then products.. proper placements and right pricing… and all this through structured training and good marketing linkages..

Mary and Joy are called to the jury panel…

Joy ‘wow.. talking.. so much. sorry to trouble you.. let us know blah blah in front of audience..

Mary is shocked and both are now on stage

Joy ‘good bye startup.. a theme for investors to probe’

All entrepreneurs silent.. and session head also surprised

Mary ‘dear participants.. the investor community is loosing confidence.. I do agree we make mistakes.. a venture is a project and none of entrepreneurs know project management in initial stages if they are just out of college.. sans experiences nothing can happen.. sans market test nothing can happen… hope all here understand that too much is put on startups..  I am confused.. this guy says invest in my incubator/accelerator initiative.. but I just cannot muster courage.. Am panicked.. I sold a business and got into angel group and put in 70% of my funds.. last I would wish to be is become entrepreneur again’

Joy claps his hands…

All clap their hands..

Joy ‘applause to all.. and a lesson to all..  the ones who bootstrap most are truly passionate about their venture and so dear friends.. make at least 10 sales of your product or service and then attempt running behind investors or social capital community..  else.. good bye startup.. all will again get back to industry and companies and ones who are investors will get back to trading and stock exchanges and whole philosophy of startups will collapse’

Mary ‘who gave you this encouragement Joy?’

Joy ‘PASSION is not about ethos and pains.. it is about reconstructing your life for solving a problem.. a problem to succeed and keep growing..

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