jump to conclusions

Anand is a great business man but with a weakness.. he tends to jump to conclusions..

At home his wife Sheryl is harassed soul.. She got married to him in US and never knew that she would get entangled with a suspicious,  conservative partner..

Sheryl ‘enough is enough..you seem to feel.. I sleep around with my boss or anyone around’

Anand ‘I suggest you work for me.. why a different company’

Sheryl ‘why not a different company? . I need space’

Anand ‘I have never objected your late work hours.. but still I feel you have stopped loving me.. Are you having an affair?’

Sheryl ‘I knew nagging wives out there.. never knew nagging husband’s too’

Anand ‘I know it is a cultural shift.. but I regret’

Sheryl ‘leave me.. separate out.. divorce me’

Anand ‘so that you can sue me’

Sheryl ‘there you are.. again jumping to conclusion.. I pity your staff..  how they tolerate you.. your parents..  your sisters.. your friends…’

Anand ‘they love me.. am loyal… devoted to you and them’

Sheryl bursts to laughing..

Sheryl ‘did you ask them.? again jumped to conclusions.. do you know Tom in your group.. he is the one who builds your business.. take care of him’

Anand ‘Now I get it.. why you wish Tom to grow.. so that both of you can..’

Sheryl ‘I pity you..do what you wish.. am separating out’

Anand ‘you will need to sign a legal agreement.. that you will not sue me’

Sheryl ‘that is your punishment.. keep guessing..

Sheryl slams the door and moves to a different room and calls her friend Nancy

Sheryl ‘good ridden of bad rubbish.. want to start over again’

Anand calls his friend Neeraj

Anand ‘I regret…I should have listened to my mom and got married in India’

Neeraj ‘you are stupid.. India is incredible..  Sometimes few create bad image of our country and it sets a problem for others…’

Anand ‘yes.. I know you wish to marry a US citizen to get citizen sponsorship’

Neeraj ‘you need a break.. you have gone psycho.. Next you will tell am going to marry Sheryl’

Anand ‘Dare you marry her..’

Neeraj shuts phone down

Neeraj ‘all are not like him..  I hope all suspicious lovers understand what they loose.. something beautiful.. a relation carefully built.. all lost in just few days or months’


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