Connected Transport

Naru is a road transporter and always wonders why should transportation system be connected..

His wife is an electronic enthusiast and fully focused in IoT space (Internet of things)..

Naru gives an interesting problem to Nalini his wife

Naru ‘transporters need a drink to gulp so that they do not sleep ever..’

Nalini ‘this is a myth… do you understand how road accidents happen’

Naru ‘I am telling you a practical logistic problem’

Nalini ‘alcohol testers, driver behavior patterns, diagnosing vehicle’

Naru ‘common.. do you know there are ways to defeat alcohol testers.. vehicle diagnostic is not an issue.. a cleaner always exists and spare parts available.. the most important fact is logistics.. loading and unloading takes huge time in factories… ‘

Nalini ‘I think we can have drunken patterns monitored’

Naru ‘this is the problem.. we get into too many technologies to solve simple solution.. let me explain to you’

Nalini ‘what?’

Naru ‘Truck drivers are prone to dehydration. Many truckers don’t drink enough water to avoid going to loo’s and toilet as anyways there are not sufficient toilets in highways.
AC travels also have cool breeze sucks moisture from the air and your body.

Naru ‘why cannot IoT sensors be put in’

Nalini ‘brilliant idea.. am sure western countries would be experimenting it’

Naru ‘so two pain points ROADSIDE TOILETS and DEHYDRATION these could help to minimize road side accidents and so it is time to make intelligent toilets within vehicles too’

Nalini ‘where does connected transport fits in’

Naru ‘these road side toilets will have intelligent scanners to sense speeding vehicles, will have a tower above to collate street data, vehicles moving to predict traffic patterns’

Nalini ‘interesting.. but business model looks complicated’

Naru ‘most of connected transport entrepreneurs need to have patience and need good capital backing and rather then struggling with OEM’s, come up with solutions around road side monitoring’

Naru ‘traffic monitoring will play key role and bandwidth challenges will need to get resolved for connected transport to be successful’

Nalini ‘for me IoT is here to stay.. but what is important is how IoT should be wisely used, taking user experience’

Naru ‘cup of coffee dear.. hammering you with ideas.. on sunday when we both should be relaxing’

Nalini ‘driverless vehicle will happen’

Naru ‘In India.. only in shopping malls in a predefined area’

Nalini ‘it will happen for sure’

Naru ‘hope so…’

Nalini ‘connecting people, connecting objects, objects interaction.. life of a transporter will get complicated further with too many technologies.. so hope someone focuses on creating maintenance shops.. skill development focus’

Naru is snoring..

Nalini looks up and sighs ‘hence I asked him to stop driving years back.. sleepy eyes detection sensors in making.. Innovation is just a state of mind, pushed by humans to invoke the right part of brain and link to left part of brain to make a product out of innovation. .Naru is exploring IoT only because of his blind love for me… poor hubby.. his life is simple.. but he needs to get used to technology’

Nalini ‘passion framework is all about probing and innovating.. Naru loves reading those blogs hence all this ideas keep flashing in his mind’

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