City of Heartless

Samuel  ‘why is it that folks here do not have hearts’

Mary ‘dear.. all their hearts are stolen by their beloved’

Samuel ‘so?’

Mary ‘possessive husbands and wives, girl friends and boy friends.. kids too possessive’

Samuel ‘so all are pre-occupied with themselves’

Mary ‘yes.. hence no one is much bothered about singles who are not ready to mingle’

Samuel ‘am single..’

Mary ‘very few girls left dear.. male dominated city so kill girl kids too’

Samuel ‘so.. what about me?’

Mary ‘marry some one from other city and come here.. ensure population of girl child in abundance.. and humans should not imbalance natural ecosystem and should have equal balance of men and women..’

Samuel ‘possessiveness?’

Mary ‘it will go away if trust comes in.. ‘





Impoverished Country High Vision


Jacob is attending a conference having large number of eminent ministers of various countries

One of minister from remote country expresses concerns of unrest in his country..

Jacob ‘why is it so?’

Minister ‘poverty and lack of education’

All echo simultaneously ‘poverty is linked to lack of education’

Minister ‘how we solve problem of unrest in such countries’

Nancy one of the delegate from developed country expresses ‘huge funds are given to various countries as charity or Corporate social responsibilities or grants or research funds and then the countries tend to loose focus, change priorities and it is messy’

Minister ‘our intent is good but unfortunately an unrest begins.. natural.. man made and then.. ‘

Jacob ‘entrepreneurship thrusts need to be more in such countries and NGOs who work at grass root level be mandated towards social entrepreneurship initiative’

All remain silent

One of the prime minister of a country announces

‘Jacob will be designated chief adviser in our country’

Jacob looks surprised

All give a big applause

Jacob ‘but your country is in mess.. total unrest.. absolute terrorism and crime.. including sex violences and what not’

Prime Minister ‘Connecting to people and guiding them.. different ball game all together. if you are confident.. do it for me.. draw a vision document.. am pleading all other country to approve the budget right away.. and then’

There is an uproar and pin drop silence

Pocker faced one president mentions ‘elections coming.. unrest in our country too.. cannot help’

Soon others also backtrack

Prime Minister ‘did you all get our problem?’

Jacob feels guilty

Jacob ‘Sir.. let me take only one single problem and will try to solve it.. only education..

Can you afford US$100000 for same’

Suddenly there is a big clap

All countries decide to donate US$1000 for this cause.. and the project begins..

Prime Minister of the remote country ‘boy.. why you decided to take the risk’

Jacob ‘sometimes life gives you an opportunity to fight for a cause.. who knows the country could be next popular developing country in some time’

Prime Minister hugs Jacob

As the conference ends.. Jacob gets invitation from 50 countries.. to solve their problems too’

Jacob realizes that initiative is needed.. someone just needs to be a leader.. make their voice felt.. and all will follow them..’





Do you wish to be successful entrepreneur?

How many of us have been determined to be an entrepreneur?
How many of us decided to purchase a 100 buck product and tried to sell it at 150?
How many of us visit a technical book shop and show a natural inclination to read technology and draw a technology roadmap of products or project?
As a rest less soul, an entrepreneur needs to keep researching, using google, using every social media to identify competition around self.

Enterprise Solution
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You wish to reach out to 50 potential customers..
The product pricing comes to 20000
and ensure you save on maintenance and travel costs through cloud solution etc

Aggregation Platforms
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You have 10000 potential your universe
The product pricing comes to 10 only

You choose the currency of your country.

Can we really penetrate and get more clients?
Building a brand takes many years. Out of good will, out of marketing thrusts, out of strategy to reach out.  It happened for PASSION too..  1996, folks correlated PASSION with love and then.. slowly and surely PASSION got acknowledged in academic institutes and students as facilitator for live projects and then.. PASSION PRO came in.. Pune.. the vehicle brand and slowly and surely with even a news letter to push the brand, PASSION IT  got circulated and we found the business model working out and then the word PASSION kept growing.. it seeped into the entrepreneur eco system.
After the usual copyright and trademark in place.. and spending almost 30 to 50% of revenue earned in advertisement and marketing, decided to get lean.. leaner and more leaner.. and began using the social media power to reach out to people.

Is entrepreneurship tough?
Absolutely.. if you are not determined and are not passionate about your initiative and do not wish to make personal sacrifices, nothing can move ahead..
Many a time folks wish sleeping or dormant partners and it fails as only an entrepreneur needs to understand that overspending on media is meaningless and overspending on expansion too. As long as the first client sets do not accept you, nothing works out.
For free bee’s many come in.. charge money.. and all are gone.

Who can succeed in this journey?
The one who are courageous, become visible, push themselves and focus on quality product and services.

PASSION will reach millions and no doubts about that.. It is the strong zeal to achieve an object and seek security from that object. Whether it is wishing to have a baby, or wishing to learn or wishing to have a boy friend or girl friend or marriage or whatsoever.. finally security plays an important role in mind of entrepreneur..

Can an Entrepreneur really scale up with no money?
Many did that successfully through small funds..  As long as willingness to return back debts exist, as long as courage exists to work in team and without being greedy and understanding pain points of a domain and solving a solution.. things will just work out for you. No point of end less discussions, thinking and not working an idea and taking steps to make a product or service

Just ACT, SCOPE AND SET  your initiative through right probing and innovation.
Nurture and Own your venture

passion framework

PASSION FRAMEWORK can be used in any of life goals. Try it out once

Disruptive Fashion

Roy the VC investment firm published a report

‘there is huge demand for lifestyle business startups

and the supply is also in abundance.. but no disruptive solution so far’

Manuel an entrepreneur reads the news item carefully.. and wonders what is it in fashion industry which no one has yet offered

Manuel ‘i plan to introduce a luxurious service apartment with branded fashion attire of choice to couples in strategic cities. the attire can be purchased by the couple or will be available for them for those many days at a fee’

Sam ‘what happens to those attire afterwards’

Manuel ‘give it to studios on rent’

Manuel drops an email to Roy

“Can you lend your best suit not worn for many days on rent? Assure you of 20$ payment each usage?”

Roy is zapped.. he calls Manuel

Manuel ‘the model is simple.. are you game for it?  many couples want space and isolation., they prefer exotic destination to spend time.. why not blend fashion with it?’

Roy ‘Investment?’

Manuel ‘Around 0.5M$ to begin with.. will share projections’



Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too


Failed Entity

Failure is a stepping stone to success.

One individual’s failure will give an opportunity to other individual for success.

Sarah kept a close tab on failed entities and observed that maturity level of failed entities were on higher side compared to successful entities.

and the ones who were successful and had failed more then one time had much better empathy towards other failed entities.

Sarah looks at sky and whispers

“Mom.. you left me when I was just kid.. upbringing in orphanage, abused multiple times.. shaken a bit, confident of life.. I realize cribbing over past is not a solution.. I decided to protect others from getting abused.. and got into serious research on failed entities at human level and corporate level and found an interesting struggle..

There is a struggle at all layers of Maslow’s hierarchy need and we human have to win each layer to reach to enlightenment.. You just cannot reach there in one go’





Business or Value?

Duff has a penchant for collecting precious stones. He is in Turkey on his usual quest to search stones…

He meets Gary an Investor in a coffee shop..

Duff ‘came on a pleasure trip?’

Gary ‘Yes..sort of.. these companies which I invest are showing high valuation but all in loss.. Am deep worried.. at least one should sell off hopefully..else i will be in mess’

Duff smiles..

Duff opens up his box and shows him variety of stones and pebbles..

Duff ‘each stone is about 10$ worth.. and I have 100000 such type of stones collected from globe’

Gary ‘who will give you 1M$ for these stones..?’

Duff smiles..

Duff ‘some have diamond traces in it.. some gold.. now I will not seggregate and give you the choice..’

Gary ponders..

Gary ‘I have my last 2M$ left.. you suggest I take them?’

Duff ‘choice is yours’

Just then Riya, Duff’s girl friend comes in

Riya ‘Hi Duff, the stone which you gave me fetched us US$10000.. so we are now good’

Gary ponders.. ‘is it a scam, hoax or what’

Duff closes the box and leaves Gary…

1 day later Gary see’s headlines ‘Diamond Industrialist Duff had donated 10M$ for Turkey welfare’

Gary’s eye looks in disbelief

Gary rushes to the restaurant where he had met Duff

Duff is munching his lunch..

Gary ‘you never told me your background?’

Duff ‘Boy.. modern day investors just focus on valuation game.. the hardcore struggle of choosing diamonds in pebbles is unknown to them.. they rely on imitation model or wonder if disruption exists.. they invest because stock exchange crashes, gold crashes and so on.. only high returns.. I have trained n number of diamond entrepreneurs who choose different techniques to search precious stones.. sometimes in sea, sometimes in sand.. sometimes in earth.. I share 70% of profit with them.. Do not get bogged down by 5 to 10% equity etc.. so you know what…  all happy.. I too am happy’

Gary ‘Sir.. I will invest 1M$ on your business.. just 2% equity enough’

Duff ‘Gary.. investments only do not guarantee entrepreneur success.. Mentoring and Coaching.. an attitude grooming and teaching entrepreneurs to share their profits not only with employees but also their agents, distributors, marketing professional, PR.. everything maters’

Duff ‘Business has a value provided the value is seen by all stake holders.. else business remains a busy venture but with no real monetizing benefit for others’






Sold and Realized am a fool

Sam is a project manager who feels everything can be outsourced..
He builds a product with outsourced team..
One day one of vendor calls up Sam

Raj ám in deep shit.. will have to close my unit’

Sam ‘relax.. what is your overhead’

Raj ‘100000 per month’

Sam ‘fine.. I will make payment in time’

Raj ‘other customer will not.. have to exit’

Sam ‘ok .. I am ready to take over your company for 300000’

Raj ‘ willing’

6 months later

Sam ‘Raj.. that venture is now having revenue of 1000000’

Raj is sad

Sam ‘you were desperate.. you never seeked solution.. never bargained and..’

Raj ‘it is past.. have again started a venture..’

Sam ‘what is your product’

Raj ‘compliment to your product’

Sam ‘who invested in it..’

Raj ‘Angel Investor George… 1000000’

Sam ‘wow… I can give you business.. but need to be one of co founder.. 20% equity for 500000 business’

Raj pauses

Raj ‘done.. we will work together’

After 6 months

Raj ‘want to sell company.. got 5M$ deal’

Sam ‘sure.. you can do it’

After 3 months

Raj ‘I got 5M$.. am now free bird.. will start an accelerator’

Sam smiles..

Sam ‘that company which acquired is also mine… I have got a business worth 10M$ for it’

Raj is sad

Sam ‘Raj.. why are you in hurry to sell everything so soon.. don’t you ever wish to build foundation.. a corporate with 100000 staff’

Raj realizes his mistake..

Raj ‘Sir.. can you cofound something with me’

Sam ‘you be a good employee first.. be CEO of both ventures which you sold to me.. and only when you build patience.. become an entrepreneur’

Nature Woes

Water, Air and Earth interacted with each other one day

Water ‘they will exhaust me fully’

Air ‘I do not care.. they cannot touch me.. ‘

Earth ‘they can touch me.. but dare they get into more depths.. they will perish’

Water ‘but they are trying to sell air too’

Earth ‘why are they so greedy’

Air ‘may be because they have not seen the reality’

All burst laughing..

Earth ‘the reality is one day they will just be floating in air with connected vehicles and counting on sun for energy and…’

Water ‘but if am not there only.. how will they survive’

Air ‘they may come up with some artificial water too.. let them go to hell .. why are we bothered’

The sun is rising.. all rush back… to where they belong too.. somewhere deep