Joe is a business magnate and wants to cultivate intrapreneur culture in organization. He calls his trusted employee Julie for a discussion

Joe ‘need to make key employees groomed as entrepreneur’

Julie ‘very good idea Sir.. Ideation process will cultivate innovation’

Joe ‘Julie.. would you prefer being an entrepreneur?’

Julie ‘Sir.. have EMI and liabilities.. wish to be employee only’

Joe ‘this is the problem with employee mind set.. they never wish to risk ‘

Julie ‘sorry Sir.. I do agree.. tell me how we go about’

Joe ‘get me list of all employees who take risks and who also ensure they are successful in their project.. I need their decision making capability metrics’

Julie ‘Sure Sir’

Julie leaves the room

Joe smiles and pens a thought to his best friend Robert

Joe ‘no wonder a true entrepreneur who makes loads of money never mentors another entrepreneurs.. reasons he knows that risk taking capabilities are weak in many.. they can be investors.. but never mentors.. so we do need self less mentors and value and compensate them well’

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