Sky to Sea

Maria is a space traveler and enjoys being in space till one day an event changes her thought process
A fisher man’s son catches her attention. Kid John is a mischievous one who loves catching fishes in sea.. Deep swimmer at age 10.. his father Smith and mother Julie both get troubled when he is below sea for hours..
Maria see’s this news item and decides to reach out to John

Maria ‘I love Sky’

John ‘I love Sea.. ‘ and bursts laughing and says ‘who will love this earth then?’

Maria ‘of course I do.. am exploring possible ways of energy collection’

John ‘I feel Sea gives an opportunity for all to think.. the fishes keep swimming… the snakes too… the whales and the sharks.. all moving.. but never understood why my parents decided to be in same place for years and they idle time away’

Maria is silent

Maria ‘who taught you to think so much’

John ‘animals’

Maria ‘even sun and moon and all planets keep traveling’

John ‘as a kid, I feel going to space is great..and if you can get some angels with you.. the real ones.. who can miraculously help my parents and others in our community.. it would be of great help.. almost all the male members drink liquor and the female are hit at night.. same fighting.. (dishoom..dishoom between parents) and we kids helplessly wonder if we will get food to eat or not’

Maria has drop of tears in her she knows no space angels will really wish to come in this earth to help John out.. finally it will need to be some social entrepreneur looking into problems of fishermen issues..’

3 months later she invests in Robert’s venture ‘Sustainable Fishing’ and even has an equity stake ensured for John

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