“Life is such that we need sweetener always..
Had sweets been non existent or fruits non existent…
what would have happened?””

Pat came a reply

‘we never like bitter food though it is good for health.. why do human wish sweetness so much and ignore bitter food but also love salty items’

Pat came another reply

‘bitterness balances the system.. hence between sweet and salty days and nights, we will also find some bitter moments.. nothing much.. understand it is good for your health and wealth as each of those moments will be followed by a need to have sweet and salty moments to pep your life’

Joe never knew why he talked to stars and pondered self in ways of life.. He had a manufacturing unit for sweeteners but victim of child abuse in his early days, victim of being cheated by his girl friend and also disowned by his wife..

Joe gulps few of his manufactured sweetener powder and smiles at sky

Joe ‘do we really need to stop living because of trauma or bad moments in our life.. Absolutely no.. you still are breathing.. you still have hands and legs and heart and mind and above all beautiful eyes and soul to again begin afresh’

Joe gets a call from his best friend Anne

Anne ‘Joe.. missing you too much… wish to again reunite with you’

Joe ‘wow. I almost forgot you too existed in my life.. so moral of story.. in case you forgot some close friend in your life.. call that friend immediately”

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