Mike is researching on startups and finds it amusing that so many folks are investing left right and center for ideas…
Mike who has also been an ace technology architect and was involved in product development never understood how Ideation itself can reap in so much benefit..

Mike is besides his wife Ruby who has 3 daughters from her first marriage and with Mike a boy and girl.. So it is a family of 6

Ruby ‘I will want at least one of my daughter to be entrepreneur’

Mike smiles..

Mike ‘may be they wish to be employee like you do’

Ruby ‘tell me.. why do I fear to not start on my own?’

Mike ‘risk averseness.’

Ruby ‘do you feel startups will succeed in long run?’

Mike ‘only 1%.. now what is the formulae to improve it to 5%’

Ruby ‘what?’

Mike ‘try to see all the kids do not fight among themselves and have appetite to listen, learn and implement the learning’

Ruby ‘Soham our son is too mischievous.. I doubt if he will ever listen to all’

Mike ‘engage him with things which he loves’

Ruby ‘he loves bicycles’

Míke ‘just ask him to assemble one.. write a story around it.. dream wish list’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to note the budgets’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to make a 3 minute pitch story and present to me’

Ruby ‘then?’

Mike ‘I will fund him for 1st two activities and let us see if he succeeds’

Ruby ‘what is this all about?’

Mike ‘am a 1% investor focused only on business MVP tests.. so am experimenting with my son and then all 4 daughters.. if they are able to do what they wrote.. I think all will become successful entrepreneurs one day’

Ruby ‘how this word startup came?’

Mike ‘Acting on an objective.. is what Startup is all about.. Acting dimension is the 3rd important dimensions in PASSION FRAMEWORK.. An action leads to motions and Startups is all about having right kind of motions, notions proved and tested for investors to invest further’

Ruby ‘thanks for adopting my kids too dear.. I remember you just accepted all without fuss’

Mike ‘Adopting someone else’s baby is what Startup Mentors need to realize and Adapting someone else’s acumen to grow business is what Startup Entrepreneurs should learn’

Ruby hugs Mike..

Ruby ‘hope you find me a learning student always’

Mike ‘you have not yet become entrepreneur so you will always remain student’

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