Venture Drama

Eagle ‘What makes venture dramas a success’

Manuel ‘it is a concept where an entire venture is penned as a story and narrated as a presentation.. ‘

Eagle ‘what it means?’

Manuel ‘life as a venture begins alone and parents are our mentors and advisers. We are hand held for 9-12 months and then… the walk, talk and then running, jumping.. and then… more mentors, more advisers in form of teachers, uncles, aunts, paternal and maternal relatives and friends or even boss”

Eagle ‘what is the drama there?’

Manuel ‘adjustments and non adjustments.. both lead to dramas

Eagle ‘where is the drama?’

Manuel ‘we exhibit various emotions and unfortunately these emotions come out as drama’s so one thing is certain venture without drama will never get results and hence we have demo, pitch, twitter, facebook posts.. everything is publicized with power of internet’

Eagle ‘so?’

Manuel ‘venture drama is all about live debates on lessons learnt where founders and teams are honest enough to own mistakes over failures and discuss it out.. openly.. (voice of truth)

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